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2012 Wish List

I put up my Christmas tree Sunday night. First chance I've had to do it. It's lovely. I feel better.

I think that tarot reading really helped.  I feel far less nuts, far less angry and frustrated, and somehow more settled and able to accept things the way they are. It's ok, things will possibly right themselves, Ex is not 'in love' with bitch after all, (all kinds of people confirm that one, friends of his, psychics, etc), and all I have to do is have patience and wait for things to change...  Whether or not they do, hopefully in a year, I will be over this shit anyhow, then it won't matter. 

Something great has happened, one of my favourite ladies from previous Master's community has left, too, and there are now about 3 or 4 of us who want to meet up once in a while, nothing formal, just a nice sense of connection again, old friends.  I ran into her partner yesterday, too, coincidentally.  Haven't seen him in quite a while.

My 2012 Wish List

A nice place to buy soon, 700sf or more, with outdoor space, modern kitchen and bathroom, trees and water nearby, peaceful location, affordable, quiet, cozy, stable, a 'home' I can stay in for a while, and a good investment.

Some resolution with Ex, some healing, contact again, friendship, love. A sincere and remorseful apology from him. No bitch in his life.
Bitch leaving town, and his life, for good. 
Some resolution with Master.  I do miss him too sometimes. 

My mom moving to a nicer place, with good neighbours, and a better financial situation for herself. Selling her house for a decent price, and having a nice amount of cash left over.

My Dad finding somebody special. (Venus was conjunct Pluto on his birthday, so maybe).

Me having the courage and strength and persistence to take E on adventures and get him up off his ass, and prevent the boredom setting in, and not blame him if I don't get to travel.
Travel. I need to leave the stratosphere soon, being grounded is driving me crazy.  (Road trip with Sister! Its in our plans for August. Yellowstone!)
A visit to my home country to see all my loved ones! (Sartorious, that means you too this time!) 
Photography. It's about time I started doing something with all the thousands of photos I have taken, to bring some extra money in! 

Good health. That's important, and not least on my list.  Strong legs.  Weight loss. I need to shift 15lbs.

Think up your own list, write it down, say a prayer, keep it safe, then forget about it.  The 10th is a good day to do that, with the Eclipse, and the Uranus station direct.  Or Christmas Day, with the Jupiter station direct.
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