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Dancing pt II

(Thanks for this Sartorius!) And I uploaded some T Rex onto my phone just the other day, too.  Ha. 

Well, in other news, I didn't get the condo. Fannie Mae decided my sellers didn't meet the requirements for a short sale, so they upped their asking price as a way to say 'fuck you' to us all, and are now forcing them into foreclosure. I find the whole process absurd and highly questionable. If I was a lender, I'd set a level for a property before even putting it on the market, saving the buyer endless hassle and disappointment and TIME.  3 months of my life, and lots of stress and emotion have gone by, waiting for this place, stuck in the short sale process!! 

Ah well, maybe the Universe has other, better, bigger plans. I am philosophical through my disappointment. And it had no view at all. I like a view. At least I get to keep my current phenomenal view for another few months.  And my commute past Ex's office.  I was talking about that with Master's friend D yesterday, how the "psycho-physics" of all that, was what was keeping me stuck there. Not wanting to let go of that last final shred of 'relationship' with him.    
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