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Ex has shut out another friend, for the sake of his 'spiritual practice'. (Notice how I am putting that in quotes now).  His best friend of many years, from back east. They always go away for a week in the summer together, and his friend Facebooked me, and told me that Ex had said no this year, he couldn't make it, he has to stay in Seattle for his practice. He was really upset, and also a little worried.  What. The. Fuck. It's December, he's talking about not being available August.    I am seriously thinking about getting Rick Ross on the case, cult-busting services.  Fuck that in the ass.  I am so annoyed. And worried.  That's not right.
It's not my business. I wrote his brother a long email, but of course, didn't send it.

Had dinner with S last night.  She's met another dude, this one sounds good. He's a doctor. Has a couple of kids. Sounds like he is capable of thinking of somebody other than himself, her last dude she met on was a Narcicistic, drunken asshole, and I've been listening ot her heartbreak for the last few months, as he's played this painful game with her.  Don't think I'd ever date a guy I met on somewhere like Match. He also gave her HVP.  Nice. She was lucky that's all she got, I think. Like she said, she was laid on her back with her feet in stirrups, getting cold medical implements shoved up her cooch, while he's off in Hawaii on vacation with some other girl he's been banging for the last few months. Nice.  She does have to own that she could have walked away sooner, and been safer though.

You know what I'm going to do? I think I am going to send bitch a Christmas gift.  Seriously. How against the grain would that go? I think it would really help me to do that. Utterly what I don't want to do. I might buy her a Starbucks card or something. Of course, anonymously, I'd hate the ugly herpes-infested skinny cunt to know it was from me. It would be for my benefit, not hers.
It would be a great counter to all the hate I've felt, to do something that much against my own ego-drive, a real transcendence of something for me.

I'd like the bitch to choke to death on her latte.
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