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Had another tarot/astrology reading yesterday, from the guy I went to see about 5 months ago when my mom was in town.
I had the presence of mind to make a little voice memo on my phone of the main points as I was walking home afterwards.  E had to work yesterday, so I had a day in town to go play, it was nice.  Something I should perhaps do more often.  Bullet points. Don't have time for a longer post this morning.

I am not spiritually cut adrift. My next solar return shows that I will have the moon in my 12th house, and will very much focus on my spiritual life again.

Ex is not in love with bitch. He was represented by the King of Swords this time and as the reader said, "that's not the sign of a man in love".  Indeed.  Next was the 7, which shows he is having doubts, and it looks good on paper, but he's not feeling it. Expect the cracks to show in about Springtime.  (V interesting he should pick that up as well!)

Bitch is feeling like she scored. Guy with a good job, etc.  He senses that. (I bet he does!!) She is too clingy and insecure for him. (Duh! God, he's an Aries, he hated that!!)

He said Ex is also in 2 minds about master, which I find interesting.. He hasn't fully committed  to it, on some level.

He said I will get some kind of vindication for getting so fucked over, in about a year. I will be told a certain piece of information by somebody albeit unwittingly on their part, which will help me no end. I should pursue clearing my name. I was slandered.  But wait a while on that.
When he said all that, I just burst into tears.  This guy is GOOD.

I will be buying another place or moving in about April, out of town possibly, somewhere quiet, and in a wood, possibly near water, and I won't have to spend too much. It will be an older place, with 'charm', and I will be there for a good few years.  I will live by myself. (The Hermit).  Sounds perfect.

Best of all, he said yes, Ex and I are very much still connected, more than I realize, and it's not 'over' completely, and I am not crazy. We will be able to heal a few wounds. But not for a while. That's ok. I can wait.
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