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10 Things I Love About You, Brad

Back on January 18, Brad wrote about some of the things he loved about me. As you may recall, the idea for making a list like this was inspired by fellow Bostonian blogger, Brahmin in Boston (aka, Raji), who made a list of 10 things she loved about her husband.

Today I get to make my list, which by the way, is not everything I love about Brad, but just 10 things that came to my mind over this past weekend.

1. I love that you seemed to think it was the funniest thing you had ever seen when we took our first shower together and I was so excited about it that I took all my clothes off except for that baseball cap I always wear everywhere. You just looked at me standing there before you stepped in and said, "Are we going to the Red Sox game after this?"

2. I love that you like to read to me when I'm sick. Remember that recent head cold I got and then that time over Christmas when I had to go to the E.R. after accidentally cutting myself? I loved listening to your voice when you almost became the characters in the book. Who needs medicine when you start with that first line in my favorite children's book, The Wind in the Willows, "The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home."

3. I loved how patient you were with me a couple of weeks ago when I (once again) forgot to take my meds for the ADHD. My brain was all over the place and I was bouncing around, which is no fun for me or you. You got some ideas from some friends of ours about how you could help me remember since I have to take the pills at different times in the day, including the idea about going to one of those extended-release meds at some point. I still remember you sitting down with me and saying, "We're going to figure this out." I loved how you saw this as a teamwork thing.

4. There have been a few times when we're alone at home and you get this faraway look and I can tell your eyes are getting watery. When I ask you what's the matter you've told me you were remembering some unkind and cruel things your dad said to you when you were little. I love that you trust me enough to let me hold you so you can cry for a while. Those few times I get to know what you're feeling, not because you tell me, but because you show me. You let me see it. I love that you trust me with that.

5. You know how much I love vampire stories (do I ever stop talking about it?) and I loved seeing that expression on your face when you gave me a first edition copy of I Am Legend for Christmas. I think I loved watching your face light up when I opened the wrapping as much as I will always treasure that book.

6. I love all the simple and small things you do for me. Every time I try to program the radio in my car I get really frustrated because you have to hold one button down and then do something with the tuner and then push another button when you're done. Or something like that. Sometimes when I manage to succeed, I then undo everything when I try to lock it in. You took the time to read the manual and now every thing's locked in and now I can listen to the "Matty in the Morning" program on my way to school.

7. I love that you sometimes stop what you're doing when I'm woodcarving and come sit next to me and just watch. And when I explain what all the different knives and tools are for and show you how I use them, you seem so interested and impressed. And no, silly, I'm not Leonardo da Vinci!

8. When I was explaining plans to remodel the kitchen (oops, I mean your kitchen), I went on and on about all the technical parts (like the molding or mini-pendants or puck lighting). Before I realized I was not back at my old job and you were probably bored with all this, I loved how you kept asking questions about everything. Instead of getting frustrated with me, you gently let me know by the questions you were asking that I was talking like you weren't in the room. All this remodeling should be about teamwork and I loved how you made your point without getting mad.

9. I not only love how you look when you use eyeliner (those eyes of yours become even sexier), but I also love how bold you've become when we go out and you experiment with other things like that tinted shimmer. I love being seen with you and I'm learning how to be even more confident about my own body. I never thought I'd ever let you experiment on me like you have, but your boldness is rubbing off on me and I just might show it off in public, as long as whatever you do goes with my Red Sox baseball cap!

10. That day at the park when I was playing basketball with those little kids, I could see you watching and smiling at me. I love that when we were walking home afterwards, you told me I was going to make a great dad one day. And you didn't think I was silly because my breath caught and I tried to keep from crying.
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