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Gay Movies: Positive and Hopeful Themes

Neither of us has really seen that many movies about gay teens or gay men.

Matty did a post on January 13 about a movie called Shelter, which is one we really liked. That post got a ton of comments and people started leaving their own favorite movie titles.

We thought we would do a series of posts every once in a while on gay-themed movies (or movies with gay characters who play a major role) and break things down into different categories.

We want to start things off on a positive note and ask you which gay-themed movies you have seen that tell a positive story. It could be in the romance category, dramatic category, comedy category, etc.

What we mean by this is we're looking for movies the two of us might like that tell a story about gay teens or gay men and portray them in a positive light. We ask that you NOT leave any titles that show gay people as being sick or abnormal or insane or pathetic because they're gay. Please!

We were talking to a friend of ours who told us about a movie that was about teenage gay male prostitutes who were controlled by their pimp with drugs and who would rape them. Some killed themselves by overdosing. We're NOT looking for movies like this. Please!

To further clarify, we'd love a list of movies that meets these qualifications:
  • A "feel-good" movie we might enjoy on a weekend night when we're in the mood to cuddle up together.
  • A movie that might involve angst and conflict and all the things that might happen in real life, but at the end you are left feeling hopeful that gay people can either overcome, or come to terms with, their conflicts and problems and difficulties. 
  • A movie we might like to watch with some straight friends so they get the chance to see a story being told about gay people that enlightens them about how gay people have problems like everyone else, or even problems that are unique to gay people, and come up with meaningful and hopeful solutions.
The movie can be intense or lighthearted and can deal with "ordinary" problems or "difficult" problems. But the bottom line is that you would not hesitate to put your recommendation(s) in a category that's labeled "Positive and Hopeful Themes."

We also enjoyed how people would leave a comment on that January 13 post and other people would respond and there was an interesting discussion going on. You're welcome to do that this time also.

But just remember {begin sinister and foreboding music here}: We're gonna be watching this discussion like prissy and strict schoolmarms who won't hesitate to click the "delete" button on titles that deviate from our very strict guidelines. (Do I sound like Mr. Alpha Blogger or what? LOL)

Other than that {now in a happy and lighthearted tone}, let's have some fun!
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