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Poetic Justice

HahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaHA!!!!   Bitch told everybody, (including Ex, wtf??), that she got a call from her ex, and didn't tell him that she was in a relationship, and that since, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, and still has feelings for him.  I laughed.  (Imagine! Ex hearing that from her, what a mean cunt.) Ex might just get another anonymous letter in the mail..  Might.. I have the perfect one-liner, a play on her ex's name.  Man, I think I am a slightly evil genius.  I need to not send it. I can't promise though, it's too fucking perfect not to. I can't share, because it's his name, and I'm not doing real names here. Shame..

S had dinner with J on Friday. I got to hear a lot of gossip, it was great.  S had a bit more tact this time, and told me the stuff I wanted to hear, not the stuff I didn't. THAT little tidbit, I wanted to hear.
Bitch is experiencing a lot of pressure, and starting to buckle and withdraw, apparently.  She has her Uranus Mars transit fast approaching.  This full Cancer moon also hits her pretty hard.  :D

I also got some vindication from J, who said she'd have done the same in my position, when all this shit went down. Yes, you think??  Wow. Too little too late, but.. Still nice to hear.

Meanwhile in MY life, I have my period this weekend, E and I have been fucking like rabbits, I am full of come.  I love that. It sends me into an altered state, I start to really bliss-out when I get a good load. It's chemical, I think.  I drifted off in a happy haze last night in E's arms, after he writhed about underneath me and pumped me full of his pleasure, shortly after I had gripped his large and beautiful warm cock with all my own orgasmic internal spasms..

And apart from my conversation with S about bitch, I have hardly thought about Ex lately.  I noticed the other day, I'd gone a whole day with no thoughts about it all, it was awesome.

I am healing. Right when they're showing signs of splitting/getting into the shit.  How awesome for me.  It's my fucking turn statistically, for some karmic pay-off.
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