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Venus Return

I am feeling a little better today. Less tired, less freaked out.  One of my good astrologer buddies pointed out that retrograde Mars has been unaspected for a few days, which means people have been irritated, overstimulated, etc. He said he feels my neighbours should be a temporary issue. I fucking hope so. 
I went upstairs to meet them last night. He's traveling, she's there. He's back on Friday, which means there will be 2 people creaking on the floorboards when he gets back!  Thankfully I will be at E's most of the weekend.
Oh, please, go away again.  She's traveling in May. 

She got up at a normal hour this morning, in fact, I hadn't heard her before I left at 7.15, and she went to bed fairly early. She's Chinese, perhaps she was up talking with relatives in a different time zone?  Who knows. She seems nice enough. :) 

E now has the cold I've had that knocked me on my ass. He seems to be doing better with it than I was though. We went for lunch today at the cafe Ex and I used to eat in a lot, and of course, I was kind of looking over E's shoulder at the door in case he walked in, which is so dumb, it would be about a one in 1,000 chance! 
I think not going past his office for about a week now has helped.  I do miss it though, and had the crazy idea to call his cell from a phone box so he couldn't trace the number, just to hear his voice for a moment. I'd rather get voicemail than him directly though. 
Fuck, when S says shit like this, I think she's crazy and should shut up and get over it, yet here I am, worse, probably.

Astrology mentor wants me to call him. Probably about S, she emailed him.  I will call at the weekend, when I am back cleaning up and finally moving out of the old apartment.  I can't have that conversation in front of E. 

I was looking at my astrology for my upcoming birthday, the solar return chart gives you a flavor of the year to come, and I have a Venus return on that very day!  Venus is what got hit so hard by Uranus, when Ex and I split. Could be my heart gets healed this next year.
I was looking at the chart today for when Ex and I got married, and the transits occurring in my chart at the time. It was all perfectly lined up for a great marriage, which it was for 8 years! Even the asteroids were cooperating, I had Juno (marriage) conjunct my Sun the day of the wedding.  Shit, it so shouldn't have fallen apart.   
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