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Just a quickie..

Had a predictable dinner with S last night, she of COURSE wanted to draw me into talking about Ex.. I said after about 10 minutes, "you know, honestly, I'm not interested".  A lie of course.. But.. I do want to not talk about it any more with her.  Thankfully she didn't share any gossip. 

Lovely French restaurant in a nice part of town, and she paid. I think she forgot it was my birthday recently with her mother dying, I didn't reminder her, but she wanted to pay anyway.  Cool with me..   We did laugh a lot though, she is guaranteed to make me laugh, I love that about her.  I saw a photo of her Dad, he looks a LOT like a very close friend of mine. 

4.42 on a Friday. I need to go home, and have a few glasses of that nice Zinfandel I opened at E's last weekend.

The Scientologists have been pestering me to attend LRH's birthday celebrations coming up in March. I might go, it's a free dinner.  ;-)   LRH does sort of fascinate me.. Even if the local cult-zombies put me off going regularly, I do have a greater respect for LRH, since learning more about him.
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