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..........2 Profile......The Chubby Chaser..............

Yes - I am getting back into profiles and have a doozy of a one from a Marine coming up *oooohhh ahhhhh*.........

..Today we have a profile of a Chubby Chaser........ A fit hot young man who is fond of .... well... the bigger things in life .... and we ain't talking peen....

....The Chubby Chasers are a group I personally feel a great deal of gratitude to.... if it wasn't for them *I* wouldn't be getting any.... however, I have been FASCINATED by the psychology of attraction and in particular THIS type of attraction......and thought it was time to find someone who could give us an insight into this.....

....So please welcome Ryan** (alias obviously) to 2 Cents and let's get this underway.......

(2CW) Welcome to 2 Cents Worth Ryan and I appreciate you allowing us this peek into your private life...

No worries mate....

(2CW) OK - first of all - please tell us what a Chaser is and what they do......

A Chaser is a guy like me who likes big men - not muscle big - but chubby and tubby and yeah, fat big..... And yeah, I'm hungry and like to chase these guys...

(2CW) Have you always been interested in big guys?

Yeah. A friend of mine in High School was a chub and I was hot for him. He was the first dude I ever cocksucked.

(2CW) OK - before we go on... can you describe yourself physically.... so we can have a mental image of YOU while we read the answers??

Sure. I'm 28, fit, work out, no six pack but flat stomach. Bubble butt - inherited from my Dad. Blonde hair. Clean Shaven. I work white collar. I'm a bottom and I have a decent cut cock. As far as my friends say I am hot.

(2CW) OOOOooooooookaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy - I just need a moment.....

LOL - fool.

(2CW) I'm back again........ Before I get back to questions on chubs - are you attracted to other guys like you? Does fit and handsome and muscular turn you on?

It does. I like a hot bod and face like the next dude. Kyle King is one of my porn crushes too. Along with Spencer Reed and John Magnum. But most guys who look like me and are built like me don't have the personality that most chubs seem to have. Not that chubs are perfect. A douche is a douche - don't matter how they LOOK - its who they ARE......

(2CW) OK - you walk into a bar / room / party .......... there's a group of absolute HOTTIES and there are a couple of chubs............. who do you notice first?...

I'll notice and appreciate the hotties first. I have a cock of course. But I look at them like art. Pretty to look at.... but meant to be appreciated from a distance.... THEN my Chubdar will go on and Ill find them and zero in for the kill.

(2CW) LOLOLOLOL - "Zero in the for the kill?!?!?"

Fuck yes. I love bellies and I love beefy thighs and a nice hefty butt-o-beef gets me salivating to no end.

(2CW) OK - I'm still not really getting it as such, is it the feeling of the chub, the look, what??

It's everything. Being spooned by a chub is like being hugged by the Stay Puff Marshmallow guy - all soft and squishy and comforting and just makes me feel good. And I fucking LOVE running my hands over a chub. Feeling the texture of their skin, softer than hotties usually, and feeling their body press up against me. Love it. Fucking love it. Shoving my face into a chub butt is a religious experience for me.

(2CW) Now something interesting you said - you're a BOTTOM. Now as a chub myself I understand the mechanics of sometimes getting a "user friendly" position given the um physical impediments sometimes LOL.

I've always been a bottom, from the first time I used a brush handle up my butt... A chub is great to get fucked by. Extra weight behind a thrust is fucking heaven lol. I'll climb on top and ride cowgirl if they need a bit of assistance in getting cock access... but yeah, love it......

(2CW) Now do you friends know your preference and how do they take it?

Um - they don't get it but they support my taste. I'm not into younger guys but a couple of my friends are. It's not my thing but I'm happy it does it for them.

(2CW) Are you a size queen? Do you like a big dick?

Couldn't care less. As long as it gets hard I'm fine. I'm more interested in the size of the belly and the the thighs.

(2CW) Moobs?

Love em.

(2CW) What's your size limit? Is there too big for you?

Yeah. 300lbs and up. And that's just coz there's a health issue there. I know CPR - doesn't mean I wanna have to give a dude chest compression coz he had a heart attack when he shot on my face. I like em around the 250 pound mark. I also like em taller than me. I got a big bro thing I get off on too.

(2CW) I'm a big guy and sometimes - um - you develop....... odours during the day - sweat etc. Bigger people than me sometimes have trouble keeping the crevices and nooks totally clean..... any bad experience.

Yeah. But the hygiene thing is less with bigger guys. I get turned off by a lot of hotties because they don't fucking shower regular. I mean - if you're gonna hook up - dude, use some fucking soap!! Being a pig isn't automatically something a chub should be called. I know some pretty fucking hot dudes who have a real soap problem. Besides - if they need a little help in the shower - it's a great place to start a fuck. Great place to start enjoy and finish a fuck too.

(2CW) OK - defining difference from your point of view between chubs and hotties.

Chubs actually DO have a better personality and sense of humour. They have to. People are pretty fucking cruel. Gay men can be crueler than normal too when it comes to body stuff. Chubs have to work harder because of that. So they use their other assets. Personality humour and brain.

I don't care if you're a fucking porn star. If you can't make me laugh or be able to hold a conversation over a dinner. My milkshake will not be visiting your yard.

AND FOOD !!! - I love eating. I love a good breakfast. Chubs do too. And yeah, just coz someone has extra pounds doesn't mean they cant be physically fit. My last boyfriend was a chub and he loved to hike. He never lost any weight but his blood pressure and cholesterol were fucking better than mine LOL.

(2CW) Ryan - thanks for stopping in. This was a fascinating and personally fulfilling profile.

My pleasure dudes. Go the Beef !!

................................Well................. what to say :) ?.......2 Centers?....


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