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Oh God, I did it. 2 things.
Today in work I found a website where you can send an email and fake it, to make it look like it's from somebody else's address, or anonymously. You can also text, and fake the sender, effectively. (Fuck, I could have so much fun with that..)  I was messing about with it, and I sent myself an email, I faked it as being from Ex's email address to my work email, to test it out, see what it looked like.   Only, I didn't get an email.
I am praying that I didn't accidentally switch the sender and recipient.  I didn't get the text either, so I am guessing that it just didn't work, rather than I fucked them both up, and Ex got a weird email AND a weird text from me accidentally.. But I am worried. It wasn't anything that bad, just said 'testing' or something like that, but..  Shit..  Fuck... Jesus Christ..

Number 2, I called him tonight from a callbox by my office. I called his work number, it routed to his cell like I thought it would, and he picked up. "Hello, this is Ex, at Ex's Business.. Hello? Hello? Sorry, I can't hear you, can you call back?" I hung up. I was glad I heard him, and not a voicemail message. I of course cried all the way home tonight.

I am crazy, aren't I?  I feel like I'm losing my marbles a little here..
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