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Feeling really bothered this week by my utter inability to remember anything. I just had a bit of a scene with our accountant, who can be a bitch anyway, but I did my share.
I got the sarcasm for something I screwed up slightly, it really was nothing major, and she acted like I was the world's biggest moron, so for once, I yelled back.  I don't normally do that. I usually ignore it, and try to be more professional than her. Which usually works, and things stay friendly.

I just have been off my game this week. There's a fog in my brain, and I can't seem to remember things, or worse, give a shit about them. I think I should probably apologize for my end of it. I am just on the defensive, because I can feel that I have been off my game, and have screwed up a few things I normally pay attention to, and I have also forgotten how to do a few things that I do all the time for her, no wonder she thinks I'm a fucking moron. Can't really blame her, in a way, even though the sarcasm wasn't called for. Been listening to her all morning though. It's payday, and she's been sarcastic to almost everybody in the office today. I'm sure we're all sick of it. Even the office Mormon who's usually super-mellow, called her a bitch the other day. 

Fucking Merc and Mars retro. At least I have a sense of what it is, and that it will pass.  IF I still have a job by then. I will either have quit or been fired, if this keeps up. 

I am feeling tired and drained.  Well, next weekend I have D, Master's old friend, coming to stay for a few days. That will be nice.  
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