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Am digging up some fascinating info on the asteroid Lilith!

One thing, I only last night got interested in it when talking with S about her ex.  So I check where mine is in my chart, and Saturn is exactly conjunct it at the moment.
What’s ODD about this asteroid process for me, is whenever I start to investigate one of them I find it’s in some sort of major transit, either a return, or conjunct one of my planets, or mine has a transit happening.  It’s happened with every one of them.

My Lilith is very close to my moon.  I also have a Moon-Saturn transit coming up, the 2nd of the 3 retro transits I will get.  Depression, loneliness, etc.  No fun. At least I can see an end in sight to that, when Saturn finally moves away from my Moon in about August. That's why I love astrology, you get to see the crappy things do actually go away and move forward, eventually. You see the mechanism of the changes, and realize that "this too shall pass".

In a few of the things I’ve read today, she can be about feeling repressed, and not wishing to conform to social stereotypes of what women ‘should’ be in a patriarchal society.  Saturn can be that very same repression.

Lilith was also in direct opposition to the (present time, not my natal) Sun on the day I first fucked A. Independence Day (Ha! The Irony of that didn't escape me at the time, either) 2009. That's an interesting chart to draw up, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are all bunched up together in late Aquarius.

Lilith was also exactly conjunct my Mercury on mine and Ex's wedding day. 

And that all lead me here:

OK, I am disappearing down the rabbit-hole, so I will shut up now. 

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