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Rahu & Ketu

I had a dream last night about Rahu and Ketu, which are the North and South nodes in Vedic Astrology.  The head and tail of the Dragon. Karma..  I have some googling to do. I don't know much at all about Vedic astrology. 
I know what the nodes are in Western, but this was distinctly "Rahu & Ketu".  I can't remember the details of what the dream was though. 

I also dreamt about Ex, though now I can't remember the details of that one either. I really should get up and write this shit down when it happens.. I was at home with him in his (our) house.

This article on Rahu & Ketu is interesting!

What I am curious about, is I have 2 direct hits on my chart this year from eclipses!  The May 20th eclipse hits my Saturn almost exactly, to within half a degree, and the Nov 28th eclipse hits another key point in my chart dead on, too.

I haven't taken much interest in Vedic astrology, despite my deep and abiding love of Hinduism, because I just find Western astrology too fascinating and compelling. I don't want to split my attention between the 2 because there are some huge differences, though they're both just as valid.  Perhaps I need to pay it more attention, especially as Hinduism has so much more of an understanding of "karma".

In the West, Rahu and Ketu signify points in our charts of karmic bonds or undoing, things to aspire to, things to grow beyond.  In Hinduism, they're much more fatalistic in a sense, if you have Ketu in a certain position, your ears will fall off when you eat asparagus, or you will own 6 cows.  Western isn't so literal or specific.  According to what I found, Ketu in the 12th, is about eye problems.  I hope not, my family history has glaucoma on both sides! I worry about that.
I am feeling though in my own case, that it's much more about my father.  I am worried for his health at the moment, although right now he's pretty fit and healthy. An eclipse on your father-significator is a little scary.  I am planning to spend the day with him, I have to go back home to do it, I need to book my flights.  
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