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Dreamt I was watching Ex and Master driving on a lake in a speedboat and I had hold of Ex's wet shirt, when he came back to shore, and was trying to find an earplug socket, so I could put earphones in it and listen to it. I used to love to lie with my head on his chest and listen to his heart. 

I was on a bus, there was a spider. I rescued it and coaxed it into an old rubber boot and threw it outside. There was huge cobweb across the bus door and the sun lit it up. I had to break through it with my walking cane.
There was a crowd outside watching, waiting to get in the bus. I think Ex and Master were in the crowd, I think it was mostly Master's sangha members.  Doesn't take a lot of interpretation. 

I had an interesting phone call today (well several if you also count the call from Sartorius!), from a very old friend/spiritual mentor of mine. I used to share a house with her and some other women in my early 20's, in what seems like another lifetime to me now. She's an amazing woman, from Texas, toughest woman I know. Used to be a biker.  Also one of the most psychic..  My God I adored her.  She taught me SO much, really put me on the path I'm on, taught me to read tarot cards, introduced me to many great Masters like Sw Nityananda, Muktananda, Sai Baba, etc. She also used to take me to gay bars, we had such a laugh together.  She really was amazing.

Her brother's kid is getting married, and lives in Vancouver BC, she's driving up from Texas, and wants to visit me on the way up there! I am so excited, she really is a Magickal person..

Today is a very weird day, not only in terms of what I have been feeling, but I also just realized that it was 3 years ago today, that A and I started our 'thing' at Sister's husband's birthday party!  Those sparks really flew..

He is currently in China, teaching English, and I don't give a crap, it's odd, I completely let that one go, and hardly ever think about him. He came, he went, he served a purpose and we moved on.  I wish I could have moved on so easily from Ex.  Let's raise a toast to A, wish him well, and thank him for being such a catalyst. 
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