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Still Nothing

I hate this..

Friday is usually Ex's day off, to handle things like email, etc.  I'm obviously not a high priority.

I have Juno and the North Node on my Descendant today.  Something should be happening.  I am starting to wonder if astrology sometimes deals in potentials, as much as is does with what actually manifests. Juno is retrograde though, so maybe when it hits me up on forward motion, I will see a result? That's not til October, I think? I will have to check.  I had today marked on my calendar a few months back as a possible time for things to change.

Mercury stops direct again on my Venus exactly, so maybe then.. That's April 4th. 

My fortune cookie at lunch today said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". 

In other news, S (fuck-buddy S, not gf S), is coming to stay for a few days in mid April.  E will be traveling for work, when he's here.  God, the human heart, mind and ego is complicated..  I am glad S is coming to stay. He and I have a very straightforward relationship after all these years. Friends with benefits, and it really does work like that, it's awesome.  The benefits aren't bad, either.
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