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......2 Reveal..... I'm A Pig....Deal With It.....

.......I got an email in response to a comment I made on a site about what I would allow a rather hot, well muscled, well endowed young man to do to me.... namely whatever the fuck he wanted - repeatedly - even hourly......

....The person hiding behind a g-mail account called me a pig.

Really??  That's the best you could do....

Ow.................................................................................... NOT !!!!!

Yes I'm a pig.  I love to indulge.  Food.  Wine.  Men.  Sex. 

It's one of the great benefits of being someone who has accepted himself and, more importantly, made peace with himself where he is now.

Whilst I admit my life direction is all over the place - my sense of self is not.

I love men.  I love cock.  I love what men can do with their cocks to other men.  I love the musky smell of a sweaty pit and/or butt crack.  I love the taste, texture and look of cum.  I love muscles.  I love the squishy goodness of a well rounded belly.  I like bears - and cubs - and otters - and twinks - and big bros (currently seeking one) and little bros (currently seeking one of those too).  And I especially like a youngen who comes up to this 40yr old chub and says the sexual equivalent of "Would you like fries with that?" - recently happened in Sydney.  And it was the hotel delivery equivalent of two pigs in wallow and we messed that thing UP !!!!!

suuuuu-WEEEEE !!!!!!!!

Dear Mr G-Mail.  I picture you living in a dark, dank bedsit somewhere.  And I feel sorry for you.  Coz I've been there.  And it sux.  So here's a constructive response to your somewhat narky email......

Open the curtains.

Get off the net for two hours a day.

Watch the news.

Get on twitter and debate current events and issues.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Get a new haircut.

Maybe grow a goatee or beard.

Get comfortable with what you see and who you are. Experiment with change.

Cease and desist with hate mail.  Coz ultimately it will only damage yourself further.  And I get the sense you are already damaged somewhat.  But that can be helped.

Go outside.

Stroll around your neighbourhood or the local mall.

Go to a movie.

Go to a counsellor.  You don't have to have a mental health illness like me to visit one.  They can be great life coaches.

And - feel free to email me back - positively.

I'd be happy to get it - Why???? Coz I was once like you.  And I changed it.



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