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Big Announcement Clue # 3

Just a reminder that if you didn't read our post on Friday March 23, this post may not make a whole lot of sense.

Today is "Big Announcement Clue #3 Day!"  Under the red double lines below, you'll find one or two clues about what it is we're going to announce during the first week of April. The clue or clues may be a phrase or a word that if you think about it, might lead you to some ideas about what it is we're going to be announcing.

If you think you may have discovered a "clue", leave a comment sharing what you think the clue is pointing to. You're free to make as many guesses as you like, but for each guess you have to connect it to the "clue" you think you've discovered.

For example, if you say, "I think the special occasion is (X) because Brad keeps using the word 'Y' over and over again in the post. And that can only mean this is about 'Z'."

When we first started writing our blog, I wrestled with whether to share anything about my Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). To be honest, I was worried I might be negatively judged in some way. When I was a little kid people were constantly annoyed with me because, well, I was pretty hyperactive. Not always an endearing thing to others.

When Brad and I started dating, I also wrestled with how to explain it to him. I figured if we just went out on a few dates and then decided to go our separate ways, there'd be no reason to bring it up. I've been on medication since childhood and I would just make sure I took my meds before we went out and he'd never have any need to know.

However, after that first date, there was never any doubt in either of our minds that we wanted to start seeing each other as often as we could.

Well, as I've explained elsewhere in the blog, I'm on one of the "old" meds used to treat ADHD and it gets in my system quickly, does it's thing, and then makes an early exit! I have to take 3 doses at different times throughout the day so it stays level in my system. Sometimes I forget to take a dose... my levels go down... and I'm all bouncy and have a hard time concentrating. (BTW, I'm going to be moving to one of the newer longer-lasting meds soon!)

Needless to say, this whole thing affected my self-esteem growing up. When I'd get bouncy, I would become annoying to others around me. It's just what happens. I don't mean to be like that, it's the way my brain is wired.

The reason I had self-esteem problems is because I was convinced there was something really wrong and bad about my personality. I mean, why would teachers, my parents, my brothers, friends, all get frustrated with me for being a pain when I was around?

The meds were a godsend and I learned from some counselors I saw that meditating, doing deep breathing exercises, learning t'ai chi and yoga helped tremendously.

For the self-esteem (which I still struggle with at times), I've found a tremendous benefit from writing what I'm thinking about and what I'm feeling. When I write things out, I can always see what's going on inside me at lot better, then I can figure things out or talk about it with Brad or other people I trust.

Even if you don't have ADHD, I'd highly recommend keeping a journal or finding some similar way to write out what's happening to you. For me, it's always led to much clearer thinking.
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