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Black Stone

Sartorius tipped me off to this... It's the Black Stone, in the middle of the Kaaba in Mecca. What the entire male-dominated Muslim world turns and prays towards, 5 times a day.
Interesting, huh? I had no idea what was in there.  Wiki has a great page on it, that I stole the photo from.

In other news, I had a skype at the weekend with my friend in Texas, M, she is an amazing healer, psychic and shaman. I have known her since I was 22, and I shared a house with her for a few months, right after my initial awakening. She pretty much started me on the path I'm on today, turned me onto learning the tarot, etc, and introduced me to Ramana Maharshi, Mother Meera, and others.

She literally lifted the weight off me from Ex yesterday, told me I would feel the energy of it all leaving my body, up out of my head. I could, it was very tangible. Then she said something, that I was ready to forgive him now. When she said that, I cried, I just opened up and cried, it was amazing. I just needed some permission, for somebody to tell me it was time, I think.
I told her what happened with Steve, and Master, and Ex recently. She laughed, and said it was time for Master to hear that stuff, he needed to hear some truth, he had nobody around him who dared tell him that stuff.  Interesting..  He doesn't, they all cow-tow and bolster his ego. 

I feel better.  
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