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Fields of the Nephilim

Sartorius tipped me off to this article in the UK's Guardian newspaper, about Fields of the Nephilim, who are one of my life-long passions..

I think being a Neph devotee is more of a religion than anything else, personally. Since I was 15, when Dawnrazor first came out, I have been a huge fan.  I know those guys know how to raise a person's Kundalini! Their brand of 'magick' is all about the energy.  I just became and addict..  :)

And funnily enough, 10 years later, I hooked up with a guy who is friends with Carl McCoy, but I have never had the chance to meet him and chat about it all. I would love to!  I know through him, that there's a deep appreciation for all things occult with them.  I was tuned in at a young age, before I ever really got interested in the 'occult' as I see it today, Crowley, etc.  That's what I find fascinating, that I was drawn to them at that age, and am into what I'm into now, and there's a parallel course of energy there, threading between them and probably a lot of those loyal fans.

I was lucky enough to catch a ton of their shows in the late 80's and early 90's.  Magickal..    

Like Carl said in the interview, I know, I don't believe. 
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