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A Very Special Gift Today.....

I love getting feedback on the blog.  But today I got something that actually brought a tear to my eye and made my week something special.  Here it is....

Hi Damien,

Let me introduce myself to you.  I am Roy, 70yrs young (well I like to think so), living in Montgomery/Conroe (60 miles North ) of Houston, Texas.  I have attached a photo, as I know what you look like and at least you can see (this crazy) who is sending this to you.

First let me say, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You", for going forward with your Blog!!!!

Second let me say, that brevity has never been, never will be one of my better qualities!!!  I wish I could say 100 words in like 15, I can't, it is just not in me.

Damien, I have to let you know how much I enjoy/love your Blog.  I'm kind of new to Blogs.  At the start of the New Year, after I was let go from my job, I didn't even really know too much about them.  To help fill time in my day, a friend of mine told me about one called "Yummy of The Day" and I started going into it every day.  From there, I went into others and it's like this whole new world opened up for me.  It is like I have a whole bunch of new friends that I know (they don't know me) but I can keep up with them each day.  I read in a couple of Blogs that said they like feed back, some get it and some don't.  I don't know how to do it thru the Blogs, as I don't have a Blog but I thought I would try thru e-mail (the ole fashion way for me).

I Love, Love, Love your Blog Damien.  I went back some and found out some stuff about you.  I admire that you can open up your heart to the world to see and get others to know you.  I so enjoy reading your thoughts on things, as recently as on the Syria......issue.  Some Blogs are all about the photos and that is good cause I sure do love looking at some Hot, Sexy, Beautiful, Stimulating and Fun photos.  I find though, that I like the ones like yours Damien, where it opens up and tells us your story, like, dislikes, views and what is going on.  I can see where it might cause a problem at times, as someone may not like what and how you said or your views.  Well we all have our views and I can't understand why we can't behave like adults over it.  If we all felt the same way it would be a crazy world....well it is!  No need to be hurtful and bitchy over it.  To me, if it bothers you that much, then just leave and don't come back.

I did like the old format but now I really like the new one.  I just love the colors that you have chosen.  It is very easy to read and follow.  I am partly colored blind and those work great for me to read.  The size of the print is also good and easy to read.  I like that we still get things about you and your happenings but you are injecting some interesting photos.  Hey nothing wrong with eye candy.  Makes a ole man happy.  Damien, you have a great personality and a grand way of being able to express yourself....that is an art and you do it well.

Damien I have a friend in California, Tony, and you remind me of him so much.  He is able to write and express his views so grandly on any topic and such a great guy.  He takes great photos in around SF and sends them to me.  I love the city and hope to get out to visit with him one day before I kick the bucket.  I met him thru his website.  His calls and e-mails can brighten my day.

Being able to talk about your depression Damien, really must take a lot.  Pleas don't stop.  Someone who has depression who reads your Blog, can see that they are not alone.  Hey it is not just me.  I'm sure Damien, you are doing more good by talking about it.  I also battle with it.  I'm on medication and it helps.  I don't understand it, how it like just seemed to come up on me and I'm trying my best to cope with it.  I think it helps so much to be able to talk about it.  I have a friend who is in AA 25+ years and he has helped me so much with his understanding and given me words of wisdom and comfort.  For me, some days are OK, some are Good and some are not so good.  I work and pray for more good ones.  It is like I just want to go to bed and throw the covers over my head and forget it all.  The only problem for me with that is,  when I come out from under them, it is still facing me.  So for me Damien, it is one day at a time and one step at a time.  I am so grateful that I have wonderful friends that are my family that understand and love me.
So for me Damien, please don't stop talking about it.  If people don't like it, they don't have to read it.  I know that is easy for me to say, as it is not my blog.  I have learned that you can't please all the people all of the time and you most likely never will.  You have to be true to yourself, love yourself and people will be more accepting.  There is another Blog I go to each day called, Retired In Delaware.  No naughty photos.  Ron doesn't hide his and his partners gayness but he is like this wonderful story teller of this and that.  I enjoy his views on things.....I laugh a lot.  He has this wonderful view on people that will like or not like what he writes.  It is wonderful.  If you haven't gone into his Blog, if you get a chance I think you would also like his views on that.  I don't know them but I feel as if I have know them for years.

I was sorry  Damien to read of your breakup with your partner.  I was so happy to read in the survey from your Blog from Thursday 05-31st that you two have remained close and that you live together and have a "Companionship"  How wonderful is that!!!!  My God that is so great!!!  I had a 17year relationship with my ex and we are still friendly and friends today.  He is in New Jersey and I'm in Texas.  He has been down for a visit/vacation.  We are good friends and still care and love each other very much.  Due to the miles between us, it is more of a "Friendship" then a "Companionship" but I thank God each day that we still have each other in our lives.  He is 88 and I see him going downhill and it scares me to think what it will be when he is not here any more, thinking in age he goes first.

After reading your answers to the.....A Little About Me, I answered them and tried to be honest and found out some stuff about me.  Would be interesting if everyone took it.  Put it aside and once a year do it over and compare.  I printed mine out and will do that next year.

So Damien, I think I have carried on here for enough, so will close out.  All I can say is, "Be True To Yourself, Be Who You Are, Be Loving, Careing, Giving, Forgiving and Respectful of others.  Doesn't mean let someone walk all over you.  Be truthful to your Faith and It will be - All Good!

Keep On Blogging,

In Friendship,


Roy with "Bella" and "Bear"

Well Roy - thank you so much for your email.  It was a wonderful gift in my week. I wish you all the best and am so happy that you enjoy the blog.  I hope you continue to enjoy it and I will certainly be going and checking out Retired in Delaware.

Take care of Bella and Bear and I wish you health, hope and happiness.


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