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Change/s & 26 Days........

Well it's been 26 days since I went on my little hiatus - little being the operative word.  Trying to implement some life changes. Never easy and more difficult than I initially thought.  So it made sense to implement some blog changes.  What's different?  What's coming up?

It's dark.  I like the modified layout and new colours.  I'm a big fan of dark colours and this suits me.

There's gonna be penis.  Lots of penis.  Some flaccid.  Some erect.  Some in various states of in-between. 

I'm going to comment on things that I have a passionate opinion about.  It'll piss some of you off.  Enough of you who read this blog have more than 3 neurons firing in the right direction so hopefully it'll get enough of you commenting.  Hopefully enough to engage in debate.  Maybe we'll even achieve a common ground.  We should never be afraid to ask honest questions from a desire to understand.

My depression - it's not going away.  If you don't like reading about it.Then this isn't the blog for you and I wish you well somewhere else.

Men............ LOTS of men........ here's a sampling of what's coming up......

So Hot Saturday

Sensual Sunday

Military Monday

Tuches Tuesday

Wow Wednesday

Tatted Thursday 

Furry Friday

I tried to be "popular" with this blog before rather than just be me and put out there what *I* enjoy.

So......... let's get started and back to it shall we :)

Enjoy your time and please .... don't forget ... "YOUR" 2 Cents are ALWAYS welcome here.

Shalom all


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