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Sister is leaving for a few weeks on an exciting travel adventure! We held a party for her on Sunday night, it was pretty fun.  Something she has always wanted to do, and she's going for it.  Good for her.
I found myself wedged tight on the couch at one point, between E, and a guy I went on a blind date with a few summers ago, before I hooked up with E, (and before Ex and I actually split), that was interesting.. ;-)   He's cute, but a total pothead and a constant talker, I couldn't deal with it. I like E's quietness.  

Had a nice weekend, though I could feel myself getting a bit fed up with E. Nothing major, but he stayed over at mine last night, saying he didn't want to drive home, as he has a shorter commute from mine, and wanted to save gas. Hmm.. How romantic.. ;-)
 I was quite looking forward to an evening by myself, honestly. I need a lot of space.  We only had sex twice all weekend, and it was a 3 day weekend.  It's still good, we just had other things to do like watch movies until late last night. We watched Rollerball last night, and Wonderland on Saturday. Wonderland is a very interesting movie, Val Kilmer plays John Holmes, the porn star.  Set in Laurel Canyon, center of weirdness, it's an interesting movie to see after reading this article!    It's a little 'conspiracy theory' for my taste, personally, but it's still interesting if even only HALF of it is true. And I think probably more than half of it is.

I bought an iPhone 4gs yesterday. Love it.  Had to upgrade, after my 3gs started acting up. An expensive week!! But worth the upgrade, had to be done.  I can now Skype from anywhere if I'm logged in!!  I love the forward facing camera. My mom will be thrilled.. lol

All set for personal interview with sexy CEO tomorrow..  Hhmm..  Not sure what I want to say to him really, to be honest.  I don't have a lot of job-related questions. ;-)   I should think of some.

I love E. I am just a bit wary of spending another summer not traveling far, and of putting on more weight. Those are the 2 issues, really. Diet and travel.  Otherwise, we get on pretty well most of the time.  It's easy to say that I should take responsibility for myself, travel more without him, make better choices when we go out to eat, etc, but really, having the support of your partner is a big part in diet and weight issues. He's not at all supportive! He is an enabler to my cheese addiction.  I am 20lbs over where I want to be, and I am small, nowhere to hide it, except on my butt and stomach and face.  I feel horribly fat at the moment, and none of my clothes fit any more.

I am going to cut out the alcohol, see what happens.  Most people, when you ask what changed, will tell you they stopped drinking alcohol, and lost weight that way. It is a lot of non-food calories! And I will probably save some money when I'm out, too, if I don't have 2 glasses of wine with dinner. 

One of my dearest friends is going through relationship hell right now, so if you have a moment, send some good wishes that one more couple who love each other dearly, do not go by the wayside, and manage to sort out any problems. "S&M", you are in my prayers.  (Ha! funny, I only just noticed your initials! Doh!!)

 I feel a little stupid whining about my mostly minor issues with E. I am very grateful to have him in my life. It's not ever all roses though, is it?   I just am not sure that some parts of my life aren't being bypassed, and I'm not missing out on things I want to do, places I want to go, although if I was single, I probably wouldn't do them either, that's hard too.  I guess it's a compromise.  And probably why I am attracted to successful, rich, go-getter A-type CEO-guy.  He's fit, too, obviously works out.  E can't even manage the 2 mile loop through my local park some days.  It's a dilemma.  I do feel a lot of love for him, but...  And that 'but' is always a big neon sign, when other people talk about such things to me. 

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