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Matty's Birthday Surprise!

(For a sweet boy on his birthday, written by Sammy)

Matt walked into the house, dragging the heavy backpack behind him. He was wiped! Three finals and two more hours of studying on campus had left the normally bouncy boy totally exhausted. And today is my birthday. Well happy freaking birthday to me! 

Matty grimaced at his bad attitude. It wasn’t like Bradley had planned on having most of his finals on Matty’s birthday. It had just worked out that way. And he had told Matt that they would have an extra special celebration this Saturday after all their exams were over and they could really unwind and party. But even the promise of a night all their own couldn’t pull Matty back from the dark edge of depression that was moving in like a storm.

Matty slumped down onto the sofa with his backpack in hand and pulled out the textbook for his next exam that was scheduled for the following day. The book fell heavily onto his lap as Matty leaned back, closing his eyes for just a brief second. The weight of the day pulled him under into a deep sleep.


The gentle waves lapped at the edge of the shoreline; the crystal clear water a brilliant blue, beckoned to Matt as he lay on the lounge chair, sipping his margarita. He watched the parade of Speedo-clad boys walk back and forth from patio to sandy beach and sighed, enjoying the view immensely. But the one boy that he searched for was still missing from view and Matty wondered what was keeping him.

As if reading Matty’s mind, Bradley rounded the corner of the hotel, carrying two Dos Equis with a little sliver of lime sticking out of the top. Bradley licked his lips in anticipation…but not for the beer. He watched the lean tanned body of his lover walk with cat like grace toward their lounge chairs. God, that boy turned him on! He closed his eyes for just a moment, remembering back to earlier that morning when Brad had greeted him with those soft lips wrapped around his half stiff cock. A little shiver coursed through Matty as the memory washed over him causing him to press his hand down against his burgeoning erection. Damn Speedos! Can’t get a stiffie in these or the whole world can tell!

“Hey there handsome, thirsty?”

Matty opened his eyes, a smile creasing his face. He reached out with one hand and as Bradley proffered the beer, he gently bypassed the sweating bottle and clamped down gently on Bradley’s wrist.

“I’m actually more hungry right now.”

Bradley began to twist away toward the snack bar to fetch them both some fruit and cheese but Matty’s hold on his wrist tightened, forcing him to stop. He glanced back over his shoulder with a questioning look on his face and then it registered…that look in Matty’s eyes…oh his man was hungry all right…but unless he was greatly mistaken it wasn’t for food! Bradley stepped closer and let Matt draw him down onto the lounge chair. Matty’s hand released his wrist and reached up to push back the lock of hair that had fallen across Bradley’s eyes.

"You have the most beautiful eyes baby.”

Matty felt Bradley relax into that gentle touch. He swore he could almost feel the love pouring through his body for the gorgeous man that sat in front of him. Matty recalled all the double shifts Bradley had worked at the restaurant just so that Matty could spend his birthday here at Golden Sands Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The all-inclusive gay resort was the most incredible place he and Bradley had ever been able to afford.

As Matty watched his boyfriend, he recalled how he had reacted when he saw the tickets for Mexico. With a rush, he also remembered the amazing sex he and Bradley had enjoyed minutes after he’d opened the envelope.


"Mexico? Holy shit! Oh my god!!! HAHA!!!! Oh Bradley, I can't believe you did this for me baby!! How did you ever afford this?"

"Do you like it?"

“Do I…? Jesus, Bradley come here.” Matt watched as Bradley moved into his arms, his boyfriend’s eyes filling with tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. He loved Bradley so much. Matty pulled Bradley tight into his body with a small thrust of his hips, letting him feel his stiffening cock. Grasping the back of Bradley’s head, Matty guided the man’s mouth close to his own and right before taking him in a bruising kiss he whispered, “I’m gonna show you just how much I like this gift Bradley. I’m gonna love on you till you know just how amazing a gift this is…how incredible you are to me.”

Matty drove his mouth toward Bradley’s pushing against the sealed lips with his tongue, hungrily seeking entrance. Bradley whimpered as his hands clutched at Matty’s strong, muscled back. Without breaking the contact between them, Matt maneuvered Bradley backwards to the kitchen and slowly proceeded to lower his lover until Bradley’s ass was perched on the edge of the table. Stepping back, Matty reached out and with both hands grasped Bradley’s board short, pulling at them until he got them down and then tossed them away into a corner of the room. With a sultry smile, he looked down at Bradley who lay panting, cheeks flushed, lips slightly swollen, cock straining upward, already oozing a tiny drop of milky cum.

“So fucking sexy baby. You are so fucking sexy. And mine, do you hear me Bradley? You’re all mine!"

He heard Bradley moan at the demanding growl and watched as Bradley reached out with both arms, willing Matty into a passionate embrace. Matty happily complied, once again taking Brad’s mouth, and plundering it’s depths with a hard thrust of his tongue. Now Matty began his assault in earnest, scattering hot kisses down the side of Bradley’s neck, pausing to suck up a mark that had Bradley writhing in ecstasy beneath him. Sliding further down, Matty used his teeth to tug and pull at the tiny buds on Bradley’s chest, transforming the nipples into stiff, hard peaks that Matty lapped at with his tongue. Lowering his rough hand, he gently tugged first on Bradley’s hard cock and then brushing lower, cupped his balls, rolling them slightly. Matty smiled as he heard Bradley moan again.

“Gonna make you fly baby.”

Reaching for the cruet of oil that Bradley had left on the table earlier, Matty poured a bit of the clear liquid onto his fingertips and slid one down toward Bradley’s clenched hole. Slowly circling, causing Bradley to buck and thrash, Matty finally breached the tightly clenched bud and thrust in, gently rubbing the tip of his finger against that sweet spot inside Bradley. With a shout, Bradley thrust his hips upward and began to chant, “More, more, more oh please Matty more.”

One finger became two and then a frantic third was added as Matty continued to kiss and lick his way down to the long slender cock that stood up from Bradley’s groin and begged for his attention. As he lapped at the tiny bursts of Bradley’s pre-cum, he swiftly removed his fingers and used the oil once again to slick his raging hard on. Finally ready, Matty thrust into Bradley with a smooth, slow lunge and went still for just a moment, giving his lover time to adjust. Bradley had other ideas.

“Jesus, Matty move, please move!”

With just a hint of a devilish grin, Matty leaned over Bradley and said:

“Such an impatient boy! Is this what you want Bradley?”

And with that, Matty thrust in again and again and again, his hips pistoning against Bradley who was now making guttural noises that sang to the very core of Matty. Together their moans and whispered encouragements filled the air as Matty fucked Bradley to within an inch of his life!

“Soon baby, soon! Come for me Bradley, come for me baby!"

With a shout Bradley responded to the commanding wish from Matty and his cock poured forth creamy ribbons of cum. As Matty felt Bradley clench around him, he climaxed as well, wildly thrusting until he collapsed atop his boyfriend. With arms that had somehow managed not to liquefy with the rest of his body, Matty reached out to embrace his lover and kissed his neck. Once more working his way upward, Matty captured Bradley’s mouth in a long sweet kiss. After a few minutes, Matty gently pulled out and stepped to the counter to get some towels to clean up his lover.

Afterwards, Matty recalled how they had sat side by side on the sofa, staring at the tickets, Bradley leaning in, placing one hand on Matty’s chest while looking into his eyes.

“Happy Birthday baby.”

Matty smiled and tucked Bradley’s head against his shoulder, grabbing the hand on his chest and holding it inside his own.

"I love you Bradley."

“Me too Matty, me too.”


“Hey, beautiful boy, come back.”

Matt blinked and looked up, squinting against the sun, to see the shadowy image of his boyfriend standing over him, holding out his hand. Looking up at Bradley curiously, Matty reached toward Bradley, wondering just how much of the conversation he had missed while daydreaming.

“C’mon, I’m pretty sure there’s something you can munch on back in our room.”

Matty smiled…he hadn’t missed very much apparently! As Bradley tugged gently on Matty’s hand, he rose to his feet and slinging an arm around his boyfriend he began to walk them back to their room. Just as they approached the elevator, Matty reached down and pinched one of Bradley’s’ delectable ass cheeks, causing Bradley to yelp in surprise and shove him away with his hands.

Matty laughed and lunged forward intent on taking that pretty little mouth of Bradley’s in a quick kiss only to be shoved away once more. Again, Matty came at Bradley, and again he felt his upper body rock as his lover’s hands shoved at him, finally causing him to respond with impatience.

“Stop pushing me Bradley!”

“But you have to wake up honey—it’s time to open your gift!”

Matty opened his eyes. He was back in his own living room, still on the sofa where he had been resting earlier…no sand…no beach…no hotel. A dream…Matty had been having a dream. He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to focus on Bradley who was patiently waiting. Blinking rapidly, he managed to finally turn to Bradley, ready to apologize for falling asleep. His lowered gaze fell first on a pair of bare feet. Slowly raising his eyes, he took in the long slender legs, the slightly parted thighs and then his eyes fell on the hot pink Speedo that surrounded a sweet little bulge that caused Matty to lick his lips.

Continuing his perusal, Matty swept on up the narrow, muscular chest that sported a big red bow wrapped tightly round it, the hanging ribbons just brushing against two rosy nipples. Finally, Matty’s gaze came to rest on a pair of painted lips and then on the lined eyes that sported just a hint of mascara and he felt himself grin at the beautiful picture before him.

“Happy birthday Matty! I though you might want to open your present before we went out for dinner.”

Matty looked at the gorgeous man in front of him, hoping fervently that all the love he felt for this man could be seen in his eyes. He watched as Bradley blushed and licked his lips. Rising off the sofa, Matty reached out one hand to clasp the end of a ribbon and gently tugged.

The bow fell open and slid down Bradley’s chest. Matty leaned in and brushed his lips against Bradley’s cheek.

“This is the best present I’ve ever gotten. But if you don’t mind, I think I’ll finish opening it up in the bedroom.”

Bradley didn’t mind at all.

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