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Dreamt this morning that there was an owl perched besides my bed, watching me as I slept. I woke up still in the dream, and tried to blow it away. Aren't owls in dreams to do with death?

Also had a very disturbing dream about Ex, I was trying to convince him we needed to talk, and he was angry, having none of it.  He just refused to talk, it was really sad..

Also sad. Maurice Sendak has died.. I love that book, one of my all time favourites! 

Hot CEO is a Gemini.  I don't have the exact chart, but he's June 13, and has a huge grand trine, and a lot of things in interesting places in my chart, including his north node conjunct my Sun. He has a Venus-Saturn conjunction, exact to my own Saturn, as he's similar in age to me. His Mars is conjunct my Sun within 2 degrees, too.  Hhm.. 

God Damn it!!  I wish I had his exact birth time. I will work on trying to figure out what his Asc might be.  If I can't, then I know a man who can. 

I know why I'm crushing on him, it's because I want to replace Ex, and move on yet another stage in the journey.  That and that damn Mars on my Sun... 
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