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Sexy CFO

Big news on the work front, our company has been merged with a very successful company about 3 times our size. The new mergees came down to meet us all at lunch time today, and I have to say, the 2 guys were both pretty hot..
 Lots of jokes from them about dating and marrying between our companies, that it wasn't a take over but a marriage, and that we'd still have full control of everything, but that we'd be changing our name.

 The hot young CFO came and talked to me and made a point to be super nice, and made a point to tell me about his wife. Uh, what? I laughed. That's sort of a sign isn't it, that we've got some chemistry? I thought so. I don't know what signals he was reading from me, that he wanted to make a point of telling me immediately he was married.. Did he tell all the women that? ;-) It made me laugh, anyway.
 It's happened before, hot company boss bangs the secretary. I live in hope.

(talking of which, E and I watched Secretary a week or so back, did I mention that? He was a little freaked out by it, but has taken to playfully smacking my butt once in a while.)

 Anyway, let's see what this means for my job. I have Venus in the first house at the moment, about to go retrograde, and the north node conjunct my Neptune in the 6th, so it feels fated, what ever it is. Life is moving on... I welcome it.

 Spent all afternoon thinking about hot CFO's nice eyes and how fucking fit he looks, and that he's probably my age or younger. I love E, but he's not exactly fit and in good shape. I think part of me craves a man capable of throwing me against the wall and fucking the shit out of me.  Looks like he spends plenty of time in the gym. Reminds me of an old boyfriend I had in my teens, (and met up with again a few years ago) Rob, who was a most excellent fuck, and a beautiful muscular skateboard punk.
 It struck me today, CFO also bears an uncanny resemblance to the guy I dreamt about a few months back that walked in on me in the bathroom. That was a hot dream.
Pension plans, raises, layoffs, admin nightmares, or getting laid by the new boss..  Hmmmm..  I think I'd rather think about getting laid by the new boss.  My inner slut was happy today.
I googled him, he's 40. That's all the info I could dig up almost. Nothing on him on line anywhere, he's kept his online identity pretty sanitized.  Unlike me.

Put that together with E and I having the most phenomenal sex last night, the kind that just sends you over the edge into writhing, screaming ecstasy.. Wow.. I was on top, and the moment I got on that thing, it felt fucking unreal.. Just what you always imagine sex SHOULD feel like but usually doesn't.  I was screaming. I am sure the upstairs neighbors heard everything.. My God, I had about a 2 minute orgasm, and was just going nuts, that dick just felt unbelievable against my g_spot..  It was the perfect combination of G-spot orgasm and clitoris orgasm, both at once.  Energy rushing up the front of me, my heart bursting open, tears flowing, I just did not want to stop.. I was sobbing, it was so overwhelming. Poor E, he took quite a pounding from me last night, I was out of control.  ;-)  Fuck me.. That was amazing sex, one of the best ever.

Also had a disturbing dream this morning, my friend Ken, he was a police officer, and he was on a railway platform, inspecting a large group of immigrants. He took his pants off, and had a huge boner. I could see it sticking out through his orange Y-fronts, (none too sexy). He found this young boy, about 4 or 5, and made this kid suck his dick. I had to photograph it all for evidence.
Disturbing but somewhat erotic, I have to confess. Not the kid, but I think the idea of the corruption of innocence, perhaps.

And then today, I fantasize all day about fucking another guy, a total stranger I just met?  I just don't think I can be monogamous. My libido is back, after months almost dormant, during this damn Mars retrograde.. SO glad it's gone direct again.

Right then, excuse me, I am off for a wank.
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