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Dreamt about Master last night, just for a second, he was up in a tree, looking down at me, like an owl. Big face with glasses on. I haven't dreamt about him in forever.  It didn't feel good, really. I wonder if he dreamt about me?  I wonder if any of them still give any kind of shit. 

In other news, I found out our new sexy CEO's address, and did a google search. I wasn't snooping to get the information, I have to use his credit card to buy things for a while, until the new company is all set up again with banks, etc.  But yes, I suppose then googling it, is snooping.. ;-)   I was quite glad that the street view didn't really show much, too many trees in the way.  I am too curious for my own good.

Hope I get a pay raise, is all I can say!  My 600sf condo probably fits inside his 3 car garage.   
Astrology mentor has I think managed to rectify his chart, he puts him at 11am give or take, which I think might be right when I look at that chart, because that puts Jupiter transiting his MC right now, which a company merger and expansion would fit pretty well with, for his career.  There are a few other things that make that a likely time, too.  I need to call astrology mentor, and talk about it, I'm sure he has some interesting things to say.

I am sure no CEO of an up and coming company is going to give up kids and wife, and gorgeous house with pool, for the admin girl.  Ha.  In my dreams..  That's a better dream than dreaming Master is spying on me from a tree though, and that's probably the lesson.

OK, back to reality.
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