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Today in the office

Mmm.. Hot CEO got here about 9 this morning, I wasn't quite ready. He walked in, gave me a big hug.  :D It was a nice hug, too, not too superficial. I like the guy, and he's even hotter than I remembered...

I have been looking at his astrology this morning, he (we both!) has Jupiter conjunct Saturn for the next couple of weeks. He has Venus there too.  Should I really be interested in a guy with a Saturn-Venus conjunction? I will have to read up on that.  Jupiter conjunct Venus would be good for him meeting a hot new woman, surely.. ;-)    Actually, it's on his MC, so it's probably business related.  Well, can't be bad, anyhow.

I had a 45 minute meeting with him, the scheduled 1/2 hour went longer than planned, and I made sure I wore my most flattering shirt, the one that makes my tits look enormous, and it's a lovely shade of blue, looks good on me, even if I do say so.

E was traveling today for work. I had another hour with CEO this afternoon with some of the other staff here. It was a great meeting. The asshole showed her full assholeness to all, and he was taking notes. I have hope that our office will be a bit saner shortly, with one less asshole in it perhaps.

First thing he said to me when I walked in and sat down, after another brief hug, was that he was "very impressed with" me, my professionalism and how well I do my job. That was really nice.  I haven't had a compliment in work in a while, and he was the best person to give me one this morning.
He kept talking about his wife and kids, I know it was a 'get to know you' session, but I couldn't help feeling that was perhaps some kind of over-response from him. Why did he feel the need to keep telling me he was happily married?  Either he is, and he thinks I am on the prowl and was firing warning shots, or he isn't, and he's trying to tell himself that. One way or another, it was a fun morning, there was definitely something going on with the chemistry.

He is definitely 40, turning 41 in June, I asked. So even if I have the time wrong, I have the basic chart right.

I am up late. E is in my bed already, snoring away, and my mind is working overtime.

I am busy having this crazy fantasy where the boss runs away with me, but I think what this is telling me is that I need to expend my horizons a little further than E. I can hear Sartorius telling me "I told you so", only he's always kind enough not to actually do that, though he has completely earned the right..  ;-)   I am telling myself "It's just a crush on the boss, it will pass", and maybe it will, but it's a sign of something in me getting ready to move on again, I think.  I am betwixt 2 eclipses on my ASC/DSC axis, and Jupiter conjunct my Saturn, and Venus currently retrograde in my first house, so I am about due for some changes in my life.

Boss seems pretty darn open minded, and mentioned a few phrases I've heard used in certain circles, that lead me to believe he's also a little spiritually clued in too, so I might well ask him if he could use a court astrologer.

I notice I have no qualms about his family, or even about E, I feel a little removed from all that. I should have some.  I feel a bit guilty, feeling myself going on the prowl, and not stopping to really think about E, or about CEO's kids or wife. I think I might feel differently, if there was some actual possibility of something really developing, perhaps, or some real sign that he was also interested.  It's another unavailable, unattainable fantasy. I have a habit of being attracted to those guys.  Gimme a month, maybe it will pass. For now, I am just enjoying the 'hit', the chemistry, the buzz from feeling this again. I am an addict. The thrill of the chase.  No fucking wonder we're called Cougars!!  lol

Here's my favourite piece of porn at the moment. God, I'd like to be on the end of this one right now..
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