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Venus Retrograde

OK, so we all know what a Mercury retrograde is.. What about a Venus retro?  It starts today.
Astrologers everywhere are making a big deal about it this time around, because we get a rare event in early June, in the middle of the retrograde period, nicely sandwiched between 2 eclipses, where Venus will be appearing to go backwards in the sky, across the face of the Sun, rather than behind it as usually happens. This is from our perspective, even though astronomically, it does not go backwards ever.  Just our earth/ego-centric perspective on things.. Earth is not the center of the Solar System.. We forget.  The Solar System is a little spec on the very edge of a vast and wondrous Galaxy. 

Anyway, today, in the office all hell has broken loose. Worst affected are the Sagg people, it seems, as it stationed retrograde in late Gemini, opposite to Sagg.  Any opposition in astrology brings challenges.  Our Sagg accountant is having a meltdown..

Venus retro is to feelings, what Merc retro is to thought and communications.  Feelings are going into overwhelm and meltdown territory today. Our accountant is I think about ready to quit.  I give her until late June, when Venus goes direct again. Or possibly sooner, we are due for an eclipse in very early Gemini which will affect very early Sagg stuff in your chart, on May 20th.

In fact, Gemini/Sagg axis gets hit many times this year by all kinds of things, retrograde Venuses, transiting Jupiter on June 11th, and several more eclipses!  The Geminis in your life (I am Gemini Asc), will not be the same people by years' end, that they are now. And probably a lot of people won't be, if they have anything square or opposed to the current stuff.

It's interesting to observe the chaos today, (I am not immune!), and watch people wondering whether it is a full moon or not. No, but close!!  Your feelings are being put in the Cosmic Blender today.  You have 6 weeks to figure it out.  Expect a miracle!

It is Venus, after all. She is a Benefic. I think it's a case of being careful what you ask for because you might get it.

In my case, I can feel the frustration, E and I had a chat on Sunday night about diet and exercise and how we need to do less of one thing, and more of another. He is not on the same page as me, at all. I need outdoors, he needs his home comforts.  I need a better diet, he needs more comfort food. It's going to be tough, to figure a way through all this.  I know in my heart that we're not compatible on a LOT of levels, but what do you do with that when you love somebody?  There is also the huge factor in this equation of him having just recently lost a close family member very suddenly. Losing a girlfriend right now would not help.
I guess I have 6 weeks to figure that out.  Let's see.

I don't want to end it, I love E dearly. I would hate to see him sad, and I enjoy his company, too!  I know I am needy in a lot of ways, and he's always there, I love that sense of dependability, trustworthiness, love.  

The signs of strain are starting to show though, you know, that point in the relationship when you can't keep doing what the other person wants all the time, for the sake of appearances and an easy life, but you realize that you're both very different deep down. It's in conflict with my longer-term bigger-picture life, and that makes me sad. I would love to know how to handle that differently than in previous relationships where I have just nuked the whole thing, and hurt a lot of people in the process.
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