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From my favourite astrologer, (one of many, how'd you choose?) Michael Lutin.


The South Node with Venus can be intensely romantic, especially when kept at yearning distance from your obsession du jour. Your love life? Now there’s a soap opera plot if there ever was one. It’s just not clear yet with it’s a tragedy or comedy. IN either case, don’t accept the romantic lead. Take a character part.

Me? Obsession du jour??Whatever does he mean?? ;-)  

Ok, so I have possibly become a tad obsessed over CEO.  I was up late last night, and sent him an email, just about work, feedback, etc, and I think did a good job of keeping it above board and didn't go into weird-land.  I got one back about 1/2 hour later, very sweet, very encouraging. I guess he was up late too.  

I don't really feel like going to E's this weekend. I wouldn't mind a weekend to myself in my own home, to get my head straight and have some me-time. I have been so slammed in work lately.

I went for a long walk last night through the forest by myself, it was heavenly, smelled so fragrant, like berries and flowers.. The sun was out, the birds were singing, I couldn't go home, and was out about 2 hours. Alone.

I am trying to stop drinking, too.  I don't drink much, I think, but it bugs me that it's becoming important, and I can't go without it.  By normal standards, I doubt many people would call me an alcoholic, but..  I feel it.  I usually get through a glass of wine on Weds nights when out to dinner with E, and 3 or 4 glasses on a Friday and Saturday night.
For one thing, I want to cut out the calories and drop a few pounds, and most people you ask, will tell you they stopped drinking and it made a difference.   

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