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Cosmic Joker

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck..  really.

I ordered a synastry report for me and CEO, thinking I would get some objectivity that would break my sense of lunacy and obsession, and give me a decent smack around the chops with a bit of reality.

Well, it's even more Perfect than I thought. Every aspect the report mentions talks about a sense of fate and importance and meaningfulness and deep sexual attraction between us, lifelong partnership, commitment, rapport, karma, etc. It really is ridiculous.

I sent a copy to Sister, and to Sartorius.   I wish I could send a copy to CEO.  I have to remain politely professional and I feel like Cinderella met her Prince, only there's no fucking Fairy Godmother, or glass slippers, or even a fucking pumpkin to spare.  I am lowest on the pecking order here, and he's the Boss of all my Bosses, head of a multi-office Corporate machine.

Fucking Cosmic Joker strikes again. 

I took a small explore into birth certificate land, and you need to give a credit card to some dodgy company to get any info, which is good. Very, very good. I am comforted by that.  Obviously, I didn't do it.  I feel a little odd that I tried. 

I WISH I could post the synastry report here, but I used our real names, and it's a PDF, I can't edit.

Still doing better with the obsessive thing, I only really started thinking about him today when that arrived. I ordered it a few days ago.

Weekend. TFFT.  I am really ready.   It's pouring rain, dark, and nice weather to snuggle up to E tonight with a glass of wine and watch some TV.  That will put my right head back on again.  
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