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You know, that's the other thing, I was just talking with a coworker who asked me if E ever buys me dinner.  I don't know why or how I let it slip that he doesn't, but I did.  I feel badly about that, she doesn't need to know that about him. My God, she's such a fucking nosy cunt. 

Anyway, E never has any money. He lets his 2 20-somethings live with him still, and suck him dry with no contribution, so he never has any spare to go do anything with me, travel, or even offer to buy me dinner.  I feel kind of pissed about that.  Ex was really cheap too, even though he had plenty of money. My previous Ex was always really poor, too.   I'm not the kind of woman who wants to take advantage of men, I like to pay my own way, but really, E never buys me a gift or flowers, or a meal spontaneously.  It hurts, realizing that. Just once in a while, dinner would be really nice. I have never really had a guy that took care of me, I have always paid my own way, which is how it should be, but.. Once in a while, I would like some sign of appreciation.  I think that is part of what's so attractive about CEO. He obviously has money.  I don't want it, but I don't want a piss-poor cheap bastard, either.  It's true, we marry our Dads.  My dad didn't have a lot of money when he was younger, but he was also pretty darn cheap. He has some now, and is very generous with it sometimes, but that's not what I grew up with. 

That fucking cunt coworker has the kind of husband who buys her flowers all the time, and takes care of everything. She flaunts it in my face, and I fucking hate that.  Yes, I am jealous, and she knows that. Pox on you, you stupid fucking bitch. May it all go tits up, and you find yourself divorced with nothing, living in a homeless shelter or something, then I can laugh at you for once. Not really, but fuck, you know what I mean. She's an insensitive fuck-bag gossipy cunt. I feel dirty now, after talking to her.

She does that, likes to get people all riled up over stuff.   Fuck you, A, and your fat ugly failure-daughter.
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