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I am Tom Cruise

What the fuck kind of dream is this?? It was so bizarre.. 

Dreamt I was Tom Cruise. That has never happened before, that I dreamt I was somebody else. Bizarre choice, though I guess not, if it's the Scientology angle.

I was in a motorcycle chase, there was a tornado following me and cars falling out this sky from the tornado, right behind me.  I wasn't scared about what I could do, because I knew I was Tom Cruise, so I could do my own stunts.  I rode up a green lane and stopped to photograph some swans by the side of the road.

Later I was in a house with Tom, and there were huge tarantula spiders everywhere, on the walls, leading up this staircase I had to go up, to the top of the house.  They would jump, and I had to avoid them. There were two staircases, one was painted dark brown walls with ornate wrought iron and had a 'Mexican' feel to it, and had the spiders, and the other I found out later that was the second staircase, was just a very plain old white walled carpeted staircase.
I was outside with Tom later, and Johnny Depp, and they both kissed me. I said out loud, "Wow, it's not every girl who can say she's been kissed by Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp on the same day."

Oh, and I weighed myself on E's scale at the weekend, I was 'only' 136.3.  I am sticking with that, thanks, not the 139.5 I got on mine the other day..  Mine is going to Goodwill because it's mean and it lies to me.


Suddenly it struck me, oooohh, 2 'passages'. One all brown and full of spiders... One all 'vanilla' and clean and nice and ordinary.  Uh..  Ok.   So, I need to get buttfucked by Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise??  Is that the deal?  MY Scientologist sure as shit won't ever do it..   ;-) 

I have to say, anal is not my favourite thing in the world, but it's not a thing I have a ton of experience with. Ex's short 5 second gruntings, and my previous Ex's large and painful dick that hurt too much, the few times we managed it. S did me up the butt once, which was also not fantastic for me.

I was unsuccessful in my attempt to be home on Sunday, while E did housework. We didn't get moving until 2.30, then had a short visit to the beach, then watched some tv.  Not the most productive or inspiring day, and he again asked if he could stay over, to save driving back, then into work again today.  I see his point, but I really was getting frustrated last night, I wanted my space, dammit..  Instead, he created chaos in my kitchen at 10.30, and wanted to eat a bunch of things, and then I had to sit there and listen to him huff and slurp, chomp and blow on his hot microwaved pasta, while I tried not to eat any myself.  Very irritating.  Fuck.  I hate to say I just saw a fat pink pig on my couch, eating pasta and ice cream late at night, and not getting fitter or any more healthy. Tom Cruise, he ain't...

Well Jupiter went into Gemini finally this morning. My sign, that's my Ascendant, and it will be crossing into my 1st house in a week or 2. Can't fucking wait..  I think that will improve things.  
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