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Putting It All Out There..

I am told by people of faith and by those "universalists" and others of simple optimism that to get ahead one should put one's self out there.....

So here's my list.  I am seeking.........
  • A new job.  I have 20 years of administration/financial skills.  I'm not cheap.  But not off the hook.  I can work remotely.  And available with notice.  You USA people with $$$ (and a few of you who do frequent the blog are) - talk to me.  I can turn my hand at almost anything and will gladly relocate.
  • A "buddy".  You all know what that means.  Regular.  Social.  And private.
  • A proofreader.  Not just someone who wants to peek at my novel and then tell me "That's fine." and never hear from them again.  Someone with some experience.  I am open to paying $$$, but I have a tight budget.
  • A break.  Not a huge one.  But if HaShem - or the Universe - Goddess - Fate et al - is listening; just a small one.  Nothing huge or earth-shattering.  But a break.  
  • Input from people with Depression / Obesity - who were able to lose weight and how.... No diet guru's please.  Real people with real options.
So ........... that's the list.  Not a huge one.  Some would say I'm being greedy.  But those people are generally those with most of what they want.... experience has proven so.  Isn't it interesting how many of those who have "made it" are reluctant to assist others.  Not always.  But mostly.  Queens in particular.

I've started on the above myself.  Small steps to be sure but I've started.  I'm also told it never hurts to put it out there for others to offer their input.

Hope, health & happiness all.



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