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Tatted Thursday...Rick Genest......

So apparently my post below was offensive.  However, I have NO clue who this guy is. Apparently he has modelled for Mugler, and been in a GaGa video..... which I only knew after someone gave me his name and I googled him.....

All I know is I was surfing the web and saw something so extreme - I thought I was seeing something completely different to the reality of that he is ACTUALLY TATTED LIKE THAT HEAD TO FOOT!!!! - I thought it was bloody make-up......!

I'm not going to apologise - it's simply beyond me.  WHY do that to yourself?

And no this isn't contradictory considering my post on gay culture.  Being fat, short, ethnic, older etc is one thing - making yourself to look like a walking zombie - and doing it voluntarily is another thing in my opinion. 

MY .......opinion.....

Come on guys ... why couldn't one of you have started with a gentle "Oh you don't know who this guy is?  He is......." etc etc... Why spank me like a bitch when I don't deserve it? THEN tell me who is (Yes that is a little touchy.... please accept me as that).

He could be a lovely man for all I know.... Good to his mother and a loyal and true friend.  But I am not commenting on the personality - I'm commenting on the man who has put himself out there like this.... Just as he probably wants.  He wants me to comment on his LOOK - not his spirit.

Now I respect your comments - so respect my choice to voice my astonishment at something that actually does deserve astonishment and a WHAT THE FUCK and on a body-morphication that was most likely done to ELICIT that astonishment in some degree.

Do not take me to task then - because whilst YOU may know who he is - a suburban gay in Australia may not....

Shalom and love to you all - including Mr Genest.....

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