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Venus Direct

I have been so horny this last few days, Jesus, I want to fuck anything that moves.  Venus  direct station? Hormones?  Too much time spent thinking about CEO? All of the above, most likely.  I had a really sleepless night last night, again. Was semi-awake, half dreaming, half thinking about him most of the night.  I should have done something about it, but wanted to save myself for E tonight, it's date night. The sex is always better if I haven't masturbated for a while.  Damn, don't know if I'm going to last that long!

I feel like I'm going insane, with this crush on CEO. I just can't let it go. It makes no sense, I don't stand a snowball's chance in hell, for a million reasons. But God, he's so fucking hot.  And our astrology is perfect. He's been on  vacation this last 2 weeks, and I think he's back this weekend. I have been trying to surreptitiously find out when he's here again, I asked my manager when any of the new folk are coming up, she said she thought July. Well WHEN July??  Argh..  Losing my marbles. 

I have noticed lately, my sex drive is all or nothing, it really fluctuates between absolute terrible constant horniness, or nothing at all for a week. There really isn't much in between those 2 states most of the time.

I have to confess a little kink of mine, because I know I'm not the only one. I love men in uniforms. Particularly, Nazi uniforms. (Oh, come on, admit it, they were hot..)
I am NOT a Nazi, Hitler was an asshole, but wow, those uniforms...  I have been having one or 2 fantasies about seeing CEO dressed up in one, he would look pretty shit hot.  With a riding crop and a monocle, of course. 

Hell, I would take Policeman too, with a good set of cuffs and a big black stick. My mom likes Firemen. She wants to be rescued. Me, not so much, I want the scary authority thing, I think, I find that hot. 

This Venus direct thing, in my 1st house, it's like suddenly the opposite sex is noticing me again too, after months of nothing, I am getting honked at by passing cars, smiled at by guys passing me on the sidewalk, my financial advisor yesterday bought me lunch and was more flirty than usual, clients are hitting on me, etc, and nothing has outwardly changed in the least. It's fascinating.  Venus, I haz it. 
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