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You Can't Always Get What You Want

What I'm about to say might seem a little contradictory, but.. Today, I have been better about not thinking all the damn time about CEO.

I did just, however, stumble on a page where you can look up a person's birth certificate on line. Swear I wasn't looking for that. He has 233 listings for the same name in his state in his year. Hmm..  Not an impossible task. I just would really love that correct birth time, that's all.  I swear, I am not some creepy online stalker, honest.  ;-)  Ok maybe a little.
But if there's a website like that out there, I really can't be the only person weird enough to want to know that info about somebody else.  A little creepy...  I am feeling a little odd about that, so I might not even look through them to find it.  But, so tempting..  I would have to find a middle initial somewhere, I think there's one on LinkedIn. (See, I'm not that weird, I don't have his middle initial memorized). That will at least cut my job by 90%.

Seriously, I swear I have been less obsessive today.  Work's been busier, that helps.

One of the randomly lovely things about this Universe is the way things come to you when you need them sometimes, like E being out of the office on Monday for work, then out sick for 2 days, so we also missed date night this week, as well as our regular lunch times. I have eaten better, walked a lot, and had some space..  It's been good. Perfect timing.

Just what I need.
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