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3 glasses of wine, 2 orgasms and 1 glass vase

Had a much better weekend, the sun was out, we got outside, and did something with our weekend.

I got pretty wasted on Friday evening, on 3 glasses of wine and an empty stomach. Fave boss called me at 4.15 and said for me to close up the office early, and meet him for a drink across the street, so I did. I had 2 glasses of wine with him, left about 6 for home with E, we stopped for dinner on the way home, and I had a 3rd glass. I was shit-faced by the time we got home about 8. E thought it was hilarious, luckily.  :)  It was pretty funny.  I only sent one drunk text, to my manager, calling her a square for not joining us.

Had a much better weekend in terms of CEO, not thinking about him too much. I have to let this one go.  I don't know how you do that, but I have done it before, I can do it again.

E actually jumped me on Sunday afternoon, first time that's happened in a long while, him on top. It was good! I actually, finally, had an orgasm with him, first time in a few weeks.  I was starting to worry about that.

Manager is out of the office today, she's visiting CEO's office. I am not jealous.  ;-)  Ok, maybe a little.

Had a freaky dream this morning. I was visiting S, and staying with his family. He came running down stairs to get me, all in a panic, because he had come all over the phone book, and wanted me to go clean it up for him. Wtf??   I woke up laughing.   What the hell does a phone book have to do with anything? But that is sort of like S, I can imagine him doing something weird like that then asking me to clean it up.  :)

I continued with a couple of chapters of 50 Shades last night, I couldn't sleep again, and stayed up too late reading. It's fucking awful, but still a little compelling for some odd reason.  I think it's just because it's an easy read, and I don't have the brain power at the moment for my usual non-fiction tastes. I don't usually read fiction, unless it's one of the classics, I'd rather learn something useful. Plus, it's some goofy nobody-girl in love with a powerful, wealthy CEO.

Found a very odd little blue glass vase yesterday when I was out with E. We stopped in an antique store, which we like to do now and again. I found this little blue glass vase, with a big eagle on the front, and Freemason symbols all over the back of it. It's a nice little vase, it was $3.  I guess Masons need flower vases too. 
I was looking for a Virgin Mary statue, I have a hankering for a BVM statue for my house for some reason. I have always loved the BVM. She's hard to find!  I have a couple of nice votive candles from our local Mexican grocery store which are cool though.
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