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Here's a dream I had at the weekend.
Dreamt I was wearing a purple Victorian/Edwardian dress with a cardigan. It was an Empire bustline.
I looked in the mirror and I was really, really fat. Come to think of it, it was a lot like the dress I married Ex in.
Also dreamt I was walking for miles and miles and miles across a big flat, flooded piece of land, there was nothing on the horizon except water, for miles. I eventually found some higher ground and it was kind of like snow, crispy, but not cold, more like dry sand or something, and my feet were sinking into it like footsteps in the snow. I pulled a man's dead body out of a hole in the snow.

I had a bunch more interesting dreams, and didn't get to write them down quick enough, sadly. 

I had a nice weekend with E. I didn't stress too much, just enjoyed my weekend, made it simple. We only had sex once though, and that was partly him. He started getting fresh on Sunday morning, and I needed to pee, so got up to go to the bathroom, and by the time I came back, he had rolled onto his side and gone back to sleep again.

We went to Sister's house last night for a party, that was nice. E loves to go over there, they make him feel so welcome, they are such nice people. He has a hard time with parties generally, but he's been there enough now that he doesn't mind, and knows a few more of her friends.  I had a few glasses of wine, and got a little wasted. Not much, it was a Sunday, just a pleasant buzz going.
S's friend Chris baked 'special' cookies, but I can't eat them, our new freshly merged company is possibly going to do drug testing.  Not that that's a problem, I haven't done any pot in about 3 years now, since smoking/eating brownies with Master.  But, they're there in my freezer.  I doubt I will be one of the people to be tested, if ever I do decide to eat one.  I think it's only for people working on special projects, and I am not, I am just general office admin.  Still, I much prefer smoking it to eating it, you can control how stoned you get a little better, I do not enjoy getting too stoned, I always get paranoid and think I'm going to die from it.  I'm sure nobody ever died from being too stoned, but it's hard to figure that out, when you are that stoned.  I am not a big pot-head.  Not smoking pot is not a big deal usually, I am quite happy not to, it's just the thought that I can't now, that makes me want to...
People never understand the psychology behind that one, do they? Make something illegal or off limits, and people like me, want to do it, when we wouldn't have bothered previously.

Monday back at work, and I will have time to sit and think about CEO too much today, probably.  Although, I am doing ok with that, I think.  I am realizing that I need to be a bit more realistic about this one..  But let's see how I am doing when he shows up here next week, I might not feel so realistic.  There is still nothing on my boss's calendar for that yet, so he might not even show up any time soon. 

God, I don't know, I am just in my own world today.. Feeling a little sad, and possibly a little hung over from yesterday at Sister's house.  I have noticed drinking makes me sad sometimes.   I am more worried about my alcohol consumption, but that's legal, so I think society has it's priorities backwards when it comes to pot and alcohol.  I'd rather drink was illegal, than pot illegal, in some ways. Pot is far less harmful. I don't get depressed when I smoke, I laugh a lot instead. 

SO many people in our office smoke, I am wondering what's going to happen!  I have smoked on more than one occasion in the past with one of our old Principals, even. She was a riot, I miss that girl.  Best boss ever.

Heads up, Uranus AND Mercury both turned retrograde over the weekend.   Chaos will abound, no doubt. 
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