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Funky No Corrupted

A night full of weird and vivid dreams.. I dreamt that I was with my neighbor Sam, and I saw a big tidal wave coming towards us both. Just a massive gray wall of water, and there was no escape...  Also that I was on top of a mountain in a house with some people, I can't remember who it was, I think just 'dream people', and there was a big earthquake. I looked out of the window and the mountain top was a volcano that erupted and blew us all to bits.. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something here.. lol 
 Later in the dream I was also with CEO, we were walking arm in arm on a freeway bridge on the underneath layer like on the i5 bridge up in Seattle, and he told me that there was a staircase. We found it and climbed it, up to another level. I like that one.

At one point, I was outside at night, and there was a big light that appeared in the sky, a big projected corporate advertisement for something. It caused a riot, because all the people didn't want the corporations advertizing in the sky.  When the riot happened, there was a huge Transformers-style piece of flying military equipment that came up out of the ground to try to suppress it. That's a Uranus square Pluto dream if ever there was one!!

iPhone voice to text memo is awesome, it translated 'volcano erupted' as 'funky no corrupted', and i5 bridge as 'hi 5 bridge'. I did voice memo in the middle of the night on waking, I love that I don't have to type now, but I do have to try and remember what the hell it was I actually said when I read it again the next day.

I am that crazy, that lying awake at 4am this morning, I thought about emailing CEO with the dream I had about him recently, where I gave him a tarot reading. Yeah, um, not very smart.. That's the trouble, I am inclined to forget that the guy is my Boss, too, because of our age similarity. I do think he'd be open minded about it though, I just get that feeling. But not one of my smartest ideas.  It's amazing what comes out of my brain at 4am.
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