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I have been off the charts horny this last few days. It took me twice last night to even get to sleep. I think it's hormonal, middle of my cycle. I must be ovulating or something. I dunno, it's all or nothing lately, such big swings between my levels of horniness.

Dreamt this morning that I was fucking C, a mutual nerd friend of mine and Sartorius, only he was younger, fitter, MUCH hotter than in real life. He's not normally somebody I would feel attracted to at all. Bizarre. I guess C stands for brains and intelligence?  My own inner nerd, perhaps. I woke up laughing at that one.  Yesterday was the blonde Viking-like bimbo, today, the brainy glasses-wearing nerd, into origami, and who was a Mac devotee long before it was fashionable.

I had to log on this morning and take a look at CEO's credit card. I have access to his online banking, because we are using his personal card during the merger! Weird.. I snooped just a little at his other credit cards, he has 4, and a balance over all of $65,000, with a credit limit on each card, of about $30,000, and about $25,000 on the cards, (including about $20,000 of ours for work). 
We paid off some software charges and I needed to check we weren't going to max out the card, and whether or not we needed to make a payment sooner rather than later.
I confessed my crush to our accountant, she thought that was hilarious, and said "Yes, he is pretty cute".
Feels a little odd, to say the least, to have access to all that information about him. She doesn't feel all that comfortable with it either.
 Well, no charges for weird porn, or anything out of the ordinary, just an au pair fee, (I still don't know how old his kids are), and lots of bagels and coffee, some sushi and Italian, and a few flights on Alaska Airlines.
I cannot do that again. I feel a little dirty now, having looked at that.  At least I know what kind of food he likes.
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