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Apparently E's son's gf is now unpregnant. I smell a rat.  She got pregnant after a one night stand 6 weeks ago, he dumped her before he knew about it, saying she was psycho, and not the kind of person he wanted to be around. They got back together for some reason a couple of weeks ago that he didn't explain, which felt pretty fishy to E and me.  And then on Monday, they told parents they wanted to keep the baby, then by Wednesday evening, somehow she had already had an abortion.  Um, the math on that does not work.
Either, she never was pregnant, or else she's lying about the abortion because she doesn't want him involved. It does not take 2 days, to decide a thing like that, then go in and have it happen. It's a process, it takes a little while. She either had already decided, or it is all one big lie on her part. We need to know if he was there with her, or if he was there with her when she told her father about the pregnancy, etc.
 Either way, he is going to need some damn proof, and a good fucking talking to.

I suggested E talk to an attorney about it. You can never be too careful. I would get good legal advice in a situation like this. Maybe that's overkill, but what if in a year, she's actually had the kid, and hits him up for child support or medical bills, etc, or he finds out, and wants access?  So many questions.  After the shit Ex pulled on me during the divorce, you can't be too careful and good legal advice is worth more than it's weight in gold. He needs to know his rights and responsibilities.

So we were out for a walk in the park. E twisted his ankle up pretty bad, sat down on the bench to recover, then got the text from his son saying "she's had an abortion". THEN, within a minute of that, up walks Larry, a friend and close associate of a dear friend of mine who is himself a Master/Realizer I have sat with here many times.  (Who called Master a douchebag once, which made me laugh out loud), anyway, I can't help but feel the presence of Grace in this for us all when a thing like that happens!

We got back home in a cab, as we had taken about a 2 mile walk. We had some amazing sex after that, possibly the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life. I was on top, his cock felt amazing.. You know when you get high, and suddenly you worry that it's too much, you're too stoned, it felt like that, I freaked out a little at the intensity of it. It totally overwhelmed me, and I ended up in tears.  
It was quite a day.
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