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Shut up asshole

Had a nice weekend with E. We went out for dinner on Friday night to a new place, it was pretty good.
Gave his son 'the talk' on Saturday. He tried his best to avoid it, but E pinned him down, got in his face, did a good job of that. I just let him know we weren't angry, just shocked and wanting to make sure he was ok, and that he needed to know a few things about the situation. My God, he's so naive...
His (temporarily) pregnant ex gf came over with some Dude on Saturday night, and threatened E with her father coming over to beat the crap out of Son if he didn't give her $150 towards the abortion, that was a barrel of laughs. FFS, that kid has no clue. Thankfully, he wasn't  home, and E and I handled it rationally. She was shaking in her boots, poor girl, she was so scared.  I told her I thought the kid was a dick, and he would not be getting away with this, and that we were pissed with him.  E wrote her a check for the $150, which you know of course, Son will never have to pay back, that little shit-head.  Oh my God, I'm glad thats behind us. She is actually going in on Thursday to get it done.  I felt sorry for her, I was there once, with an equally dumb fuck of a guy who didn't give a shit one way or the other, it wasn't fun.  I had complications after the abortion, I bled for 7 weeks afterwards. I hope it goes better for her than it did for me.

Anyway, E and I had great sex again this morning. Me on top again, but it was good, I could really feel him up there, nice and deep, I think I lasted all of 5 minutes.  :)  You can't beat coming and feeling a large dick right up inside you against your G spot..

I have been more than a little obsessive about CEO today.  I have a new mantra, "shut up asshole" every time I catch myself thinking about him. I have said that to myself a lot today.

E dropped me off nice and early today, I wanted to go back home and get some things done, laundry, etc. I did, then went for a nice 5 mile walk through the park by myself, it was wonderful.  Burned off some calories, am busy getting my ass back in shape for CEO's next visit.  2 weeks away. sigh..

What the fuck is wrong with me. I have a wonderful bf who takes really good care of me, is a total sweetie, great sex, great cuddler, and still I just daydream about fucking my boss instead.
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