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Simon The Sex Worker.....

Recently - I was having a discussion with a friend about my time in the health industry working with sex workers.  I was a Project Officer with the State Government funded sex worker advocacy service.
He said "I'd love to know what goes on in a 'meeting'".

So I thought - time for a blog post!! So here is my good friend Simon the Ex-Sex Worker to take us through a "meeting".

PS I have also used this post for Tuches Tuesday so enjoy the eye candy that goes with it :)

(2CW) Firstly welcome back.


(2CW) So, how is life back in the daytime world?

LOL - it's funny you put it that way.  It's good.  It's different.  I get to bed at a decent hour now :)

(2CW) How are the finances?

I'll tell ya - it's weird living on a budget again.  Not that I'm going hungry.  But no more spending sprees down at Myer that's for sure.

(2CW) You're also in a relationship now aren't you?

Yes.  Fate was nice to reward my good behaviour during my s*x work years with a great guy.  It is very nice to slip into him. I mean into bed with him each night. HAHA

(2CW) So.... the reason I asked you back is one of my 2 Centre's asked the question of "what happens" - from start to finish - in a booking.

Um........ blow by blow?  I know what you mean ;)  OK - first there is the phone call.  Person calls to make the initial enquiry.  This is really where you get all the information you need so the booking - if it goes ahead - will go smoothly.

(2CW) You refuse clients?

Sometimes.  I like to have a good 15-20 minute phone call with a client so I get an idea of (a) whether they are a real client or some queen just getting their jollies by ringing the hooker.  Or (b) whether they could be an "ugly mug" aka a bad or potentially violent booking.

(2CW) Have you had many of those?

In ten years of work I can count the "creepy" instances on one hand.  You know how to filter them out - and you know how to deal with them.  Plus if you're 20 something in the prime and they're 50 something with a gut and you get that "spidey sense" going.  They haven't got a chance of doing anything bad.

(2CW) Ok. So what do you discuss.

Firstly it is always stats.  How I look.  How hung I am.  What I get into.  What I charge.  What I charge for 'extras' - fetishes.  What toys or porn I can bring. I usually always try to make sure part of the conversation is me asking how their day was?  have they been to a worker before?  Anything that can both relax them and prepare me.
If they are a goer, then I get their address and time they want me to there and go.

When I get there one of two things will happen - the client will want to have a drink and a chat - or the client will already be naked and want to go right from the start.

(2CW) Which do you prefer?

I prefer the chat.  It gives me an extra opportunity to scope everything and to get a sense of them and what they are like - which helps me deliver a better experience for them.

(2CW) How long would a chat go for?

I really leave that up to the client.  For some, the talking is actually the part they get the most satisfaction out of believe it or not.  Other clients just want to have a quick chat over a drink to settle nerves and stuff.  Like I said, other clients think chatting is a waste of their dollar :)

(2CW) How do you lead into the sexual part of the booking?  Or do you let the client do that?

I would never let a client start that and here's why.  Me starting it gives me an opportunity to look them over.  I always undressed my clients.  That way I could look them over for any obvious STI's - crabs, any discharges, bumps or lumps.

(2CW) What if you had a client with ........ well.............."Something" lol

I would basically put on the pause button.  Explain what I saw and them recommend them to my doctor with a request that they mention *I* sent them there.  Id give them a full refund in good faith.  And let them know I would be more than willing to see them again once everything cleared up.

(2CW) Did you get many clients who came back after that?  

Most did.  They appreciated that someone took the time to let them know something wasn't right.  Also, they were impressed someone went a step further and told them how to care of it.  And my Doctor got to upgrade his Porsche :)

(2CW) OK - so you've looked them over and they're clean.  Then what.

There would usually be some kissing first.  Some touching - I would always massage them first.  It got them horny and it took up a little time :) - then we'd do the deed - or whatever particular variation of the deed they wanted (always safe).  

Then shower.  Usually a little chat after.  And off I go.

(2CW) Did you shower at their place after a booking?

No - I always wiped myself down.  But preferred to shower at home.  For me it was always about security of hygiene of my bathroom and making sure no one was rifling through my shit.  OR if their bathroom looked fine, I would have them shower with me.  A nice way for the client to wind down and I get to keep my eye on them ;)

(2CW) Back to the "Ugly Mugs".  You said you never had a violent client.  Most readers - especially American readers - have the stereotype of the client as someone almost EAGER to slap the crap out of the hooker.

LOL - If we based the reality of any country's sex industry on what the average Amercian Bible Thumper thought (not the average American) we would NEVER get it right.  

(2CW) Hey hey - watch it - 1/4 American here.

Sorry dude.  Seriously - the American Sex Industry is nothing like ours.  The Commercial Sex Industry in Australia is legal, regulated, and very safe.  Even when clients have gotten VERBALLY aggressive I can usually talk em down.  OR threaten to call the cops coz the law is on MY side.

(2CW) So did most of your bookings go this smoothly?

Sometimes you'd have a pushy client or one that just couldn't be satisfied or wasn't happy with anything you did.  But that's true in any customer service industry.

(2CW) Well again - thanks so much for popping back and giving us yet another insight into the Sex Industry here in Australia.

No worries mate.  Take care.

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