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OMG, CEO just called and I had hiccups...  Was trying SO hard to sound somewhat normal and sane and suppress my hiccups at the same time. I am not sure I pulled it off, but at least I didn't let out a super-loud hiccup. I bet he was thinking "what's UP with this chick this morning??"
He has pretty much called every day this week, that is a new development.  I don't know whether previously, he was calling people's cell phones directly?  Hmm..   Anyway, it's a nice change.

I spent about 1/2 hour this morning on waking, and sent him some Reiki. I have tried in the past with various odd and crazy results, doing a 'distant' Reiki attunement on people, just visualizing them, and doing the attunement as if they were there in the room with me. Sometimes that can get really crazy and vivid.
An attunement is passing on the energy in a different way than just giving somebody a treatment, it's a whole other level of weirdness..  Like the Shakti-initiations of Hinduism or Buddhism, or a 'spirit-baptism'.
I figure there's nothing unethical about doing that. They will either feel it, or not, but I do feel it serves me too on some level.  Another way to surrender your relationship with that person up to what's Greater. I would hope any personal agenda I might have, gets eaten alive by Maha Kala or something..
But for now, I put my fearless Psychonaught hat on. You have to be fearless with Reiki, you never know what might happen, it's powerful Magick. Sometimes it leaves you feeling like you've been through the meat-grinder, but somehow, you always have that sense of "wow, that was fun", even in the back behind all the freak-out. Or maybe that's just me.  ;-)  Kind of like a rollercoaster that makes you scream, but you get on for another go anyway.  

Soooo...  Down through the top of my head crashes all this Light, and all my chakras just opened the fuck up, one by one, like buttons being popped open, it was really very cool. The most energy I have felt in a long time, probably since the last time I saw Master. 

Maha Kala, eater of crazy fucked up (and sometimes unethical) egos like mine.. 

Well, for tonight at least, I am looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with E.  Quiet before the storm?  I was looking at E's chart last night, he has Saturn coming up for transiting his Descendant, and squaring his Venus this fall, early October, so I guess things by then will be a little hairy. So I will enjoy it while I can. He also has a major transit coming up that gives a lot of paranoia in some cases, combined with the Saturn transit, and he already leans that way.  I don't think we're in for a good fall and winter.     
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