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So, I got in early to work this morning, about 1 minute before CEO and CFO arrived. I wasn't quite prepared, I had hoped to have a few minutes to sort myself out, brush my hair, etc. Isn't it stupid, all this worry for what was a 2 minute quick exchange, and a nice hug from them both.  I painted my toenails last night, for that.  CFO said they need to come visit more often, and I said slightly mischievously, "Yes, we actually like you guys, and enjoy your company".  They are nice, very genuine.. It's true.

I was so nervous coming in to work today, how stupid.  I am, I am Anastasia fucking Steele.  I find that hilarious. I am so not her, normally.  I swear, I want to slap that bitch around too.  

So here I am, as predicted, staring longingly through the conference room window at the back of CEO's head, trying not to let everybody else in the meeting notice me doing it. I am probably not going to get a lot done today.

They leave at 4.30 tomorrow. 

I ate dinner in town last night, caught a bus there, and walked the 5 miles home, mostly up hill, it was great to be fit enough to do that again, before I fucked my ankle up, I used to walk that far regularly.  First time in 2 years that I've gone that far in one go.  I think I was spurred on by the need to burn off the fries I ate, and the wine I drank. I burned off about 450 calories! Not bad. I need to do that every day, sans fries, then I'd get somewhere.

I had another volcano dream this morning, too. I was in a house with a guy, in a room with dark wooden floors and a white bed like an old hospital bed with a metal frame and headboard, and I felt the wooden floor shaking. I looked out of the window, and there was a volcano erupting, spewing ash and debris everywhere.  Interesting timing..

Saturn is exactly conjunct my moon today, for the final transit, thank fuck, and the moon-mars opposition is set to transit my natal mars-moon opposition in a day or 2, plus Venus is square my Pluto at the moment. It could be a bumpy ride.  The Saturn-Mars conjunction will be full-on, on my moon, in other words.  Plus, I noticed, the south node currently at 1 Gem, is set to transit my and CEO's Saturns in a short while. His Venus is there, too.

God, he's hot.. Even the back of his head is hot. He has a full head of hair, something previous Ex and Ex didn't have. How sad is that, that I am at that age, when I am thankful for a man with a full head of hair.  E has nice hair, by the way, it's really thick and soft. He's not going to lose his any time soon.He has an awesome ass, too, I am watching him write on our whiteboard at the moment. I can imagine grabbing that ass, and pulling him deeper into me.

E came over to visit me earlier, and I think he could tell that I am looking a bit more put together today than normal.  I have a good excuse though, he's the fucking BOSS.  I have a gorgeous clingy shirt on, soft, drapey fabric, accentuates things nicely, while still looking classy and disguising my wrongly placed bulges. Hope it's not over the top, it's a very nice shirt.

Just did something probably entirely unethical.. But, well, if there's nothing there, there's nothing there, and it won't make a bit of difference, will it?? I ordered sandwiches for their lunch meeting. I smeared some pussy juice on CEO's sandwich wrapper. There is quite a lot of it this morning! I am still bleeding a little, too, and according to certain Tantric teachings, that's when it's the most potent. 
A long time ago, somebody I was mentoring with for astrology and magick, said that if ever you want a guy to be attracted to you physically, take some pussy juice, and smear it on a cup, or something they are going to eat or drink from, and they will pick up and ingest your pheromones. Makes sense to me on a physical level, as well as a more 'magickal' level.. So, I did.

Instant result, was when I took their sandwiches in, he came up to me and grabbed his, ahead of schedule, saying he was starving. Gave me about the nicest smile ever, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "I got your email, so sorry I didn't respond, I was super-busy, you should see how many emails I get in a day, but I did did read it, and I think it was really cute".   :D Grinning from ear to ear right now..  

I actually fucking BLUSHED, can you believe that shit?? Oh, he was so sweet.. 

I am such an asshole, I have my camera out on my desk, waiting for a moment to get a good surreptitious shot in.. Jesus Christ.  

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