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Coffee date

Went to sleep last night feeling like I was getting sick, sore throat, tired, headache, slightly dizzy and nauseous.. Hardly slept at all.  I feel like crap this morning. I am about to go on a small vacation into next week with a friend, too, and hope I am feeling better by the weekend. :(

I am going to a salon to get my lower legs lasered tonight, too.  That's painful normally, I'm sure it will be hell if I'm feeling under the weather. Ah well. Smooth, silky, hair free legs are worth the pain. 

Anyway, CEO.. He's in town again in about 3 weeks, and I sent him an email saying:

"Any chance we can schedule some time in there somewhere?  Nothing urgent if you’re going to be too busy, would just be nice to do.  There’s a great coffee bar across the street, I’m not sure how far you’ve made it away from the office yet?"

Hmm.. Maybe that was a little over-friendly and sounded a little like an invitation on a date.. Probably because it kind of was.. ;-)
 Let's see what comes back.  That was innocent enough, right?  God, I hope so.. I am feeling a little stupid about it now.  Whatever.  I'm sure it won't make or break the rest of my life.

And here's his response.  "We can do it right when I arrive on Tues before I get too busy, I get in around 9.30-10"   I am smiling.  Oh, yes please. I would love to 'do it' with him.  ~I know, my sense of humour is that of a horny 14 year old.
And then, 2 minutes later, "Oh, and remind me when I get there, in case I forget". Is that good or bad?  He doesn't want to forget, but he's not going to remember by himself? Arrr..    Busy men..  Do I really want another one in my life? 

And my mother's gone on a random freak-out again.  Nothing in particular, except she thinks I don't want to see her, when I visit home later in the year. Truth is, I don't in a way.. Of course I do, but.. It is always a challenge. She is definitely on the crazy end of the scale. 

E said in true Scientology-speak, which cracked me up, "She's the wrong terminal for that information".  Isn't she.. Jesus. She is barking mad and paranoid. 

What is interesting is how that shows up in MY astrology chart, I have Moon (mother) conjunct Uranus (craziness). I also have Saturn (father) opposite Neptune (idealism).  I have always been so weirdly idealistic and unrealistic about men. 

Last post for a week possibly!  Have a good week, and stay out of trouble.. ;-)   OK, don't, have some trouble so long as it's fun..  
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