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How to Improve Relationships

I have signed up for another Scientology course, one of the little $50 ones, they're actually really good!  I went to my local center last night, and hung out with one of my OT friends, the guy that has been sort of mentoring me a little bit there, the last year and a half. He's a lovely guy. If it wasn't for him, I probably would have never gone back, because of their recruitment policies! Jesus H.  No wonder they don't make friends..
It's a shame, because their self-improvement courses are actually pretty good.

I am doing the "How to Improve Your Relationships" course. I think as a deliberate attempt to sort out my feelings about my relationship with E.  I know that you do a course there, and they really do bring up 'stuff' in your life, it's actually quite a cool psycho-physical process, that always fascinates me. I can't deny that the last round of courses I did really helped.  So, we'll see what shit gets stirred up! Famous last words.

During the last round of courses there, I bought the condo. I really think it helped me find some means to shift the energy in my life at that point, and make some forward progress. I figured, it can't hurt, something has to give, I am not entirely happy with my life at the moment.
So, for the next few weeks, on a Tuesday night, I am going to be studying there again.  I like my OT friend. He's a good demonstration of what Scientology should be.  He gets the shit that puts people off about Scientology, and I like that.  He doesn't try it on with me.  I get so easily put off by all that, the phone calls and the junk mail you get if they get your number or address!
(I had thought about giving them bitch's details as revenge.. Ha. Was just put off that she might show up! I would hate to run into her there.)  

I refused last night to give them my new mailing address. And the funny thing was, they all understood why, and agreed not to update my contact info. Somebody at 'central' needs to get a clue, because the poor innocent Scientologists in the regions, really struggle with that too, they know it pisses people off.

No reply from CEO to my stupid email. That's ok.   He did call this morning though, and I haven't spoken to him in days!  :)  2 for 2, I write, he calls, even if not to talk to me, seems to work..  Probably a big fat coincidence, but.. my ego and I will take it, thanks. 
I noticed that he has a really lovely voice. I hadn't quite noticed that before, but when I hung up, it struck me what a gorgeous voice he has, it gave me chills.
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