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Ok for now

CEO called again twice this morning, and melted me. I just love his voice!  I think that's so important, I could not date a guy who I didn't like the sound of.

Date night last night with E.  It was nice. Felt like quite a while since we had really connected. I took his lazy butt out for a big 3 1/2 mile walk along the coast through the forest. He complained, but did it.  Sex was ok. Nothing phenomenal, but it was good enough. I didn't come.  I was close, but he went off before I got there. 
I was hit by the sudden urge to lick the come off his stomach. I never do that, can't stand the taste of it, but last night, I must have been needing the extra protein.  He is such a Virgo, he hates bodily fluids, thinks they're gross.  He shot me a look like "Ugh, are you nuts??" 

It's ok for now.  I am mostly also getting over the insane feeling of my crush on CEO, letting it subside a little, and I think that helps things with E. Really, I go for a big part of my day not thinking about it.   That's an improvement. 
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