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S's Sister and some Full Circle

Had dinner with S and her sister last night. Her sister is visiting for a few days.  It was "interesting"..  Wow, what a cunt.  Seriously, her sister is deranged.  About one of the most negative people I have possibly ever met in my life. Every word out of her mouth was something mean about somebody, or a downer in some way. She spent a large part of the evening undermining and dissing S, whatever she said, sister would come back with something counter to it, just to be a cunt for the sake of it.

It was interesting in other ways too though, she is an astrologer also.  And a pretty good one. She had a look at my chart, CEO's, Ex's, E's.  I should have given her false info really, but I was curious..  She proceeded to rip them all to shreds, total character assassination.  It was actually, perversely, quite useful!  I am such an idealist when it comes to the men in my life, it was good to get a really negative opinion, so I can take my view of it, and put it with hers, and probably that 40/60 middle ground is the truth.

She hated CEO. Said he was a vulture.  He's a fucking businessman. Of course he is. He is aiming at making money, of course, you can see it in his chart right away, but that does not make him an automatic asshole, or somebody to avoid.  She seemed to think it did. 
She also said from the photo I showed her on his facebook page of him and his 'lovely wife', that that was a sham, a corporate image, to make him look good.  I kind of was hoping that was the case, and had detected something about the photo, that I couldn't quite name. She did. He is leaning away from her, not very warmly at all, and she is clinging to him, hand in his shoulder like she wants to keep him in her grasp, and he is slipping away. It's Christmas, and they are both dressed in drab gray. It's a miserable picture. That is actually how the photo looks.. You would not see 'couple in love'. 

She absolutely nailed Ex, too, and confirmed my theory that he is in deep doodoo at the moment with his career. S could not help herself at that point in the conversation, and told us, he is, one of his old clients is suing him, and it's very possible he could lose his business license, and reputation with the government, for which he is under contract for many of his clients. 
So, he could lose everything.  Unless Daddy bails him out.  Apparently Master has all but disowned him, and bitch is in full castration/emasculation-mode.  Sad, very sad, but there's a part of me can't help but feel a little vindicated by the news. 
Yeah, perhaps now you'll realize who your real friends were, you asshole. They've all abandoned him, too, and blamed him for his shit, rather than feeling any compassion and offering any help, like they did me.
What goes around comes around. 
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